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Sample Essays About Students

Sample Essays About StudentsOne of the best ways to get your writing noticed is to give samples expository essay about students in a college. This form of writing will enable you to demonstrate your expertise, skills and capabilities and your knowledge about different subjects. Therefore, if you have already completed the requirements to sit for your diploma then here are some tips that you should know.It's important that you write about students and their interests. What exactly you should include in your essays are questions like: what are their dreams, who are their friends and who do they trust? Aside from this, you should also make sure that the topics you use in your sample essays are not only based on a general awareness of the students but that you also base it on specific information that is related to the subjects that they study.You may think that you already know what the students are interested in but you may be surprised at what you learn when you write sample essays. F or example, the students love to read books. Since you are an educator, it is very important that you relate this knowledge with your expertise in this area. Therefore, give examples of the contents that students love to read.Make sure that the content you use are based on real life or on facts so that the students will have to look it up. The most important thing to remember here is that the student must have to search and look for the information to be able to apply it to the subject. In short, samples expository essay about students should show them the basis or foundation of the content.In addition, your essay must also be short. Since your primary purpose in writing a sample expository essay about students is to give them information about the subject, it is important that you write short articles. This will help you in gaining their attention since the shorter the article, the more likely they will readit and the more chances they have to read your own writing samples.Finally, remember that samples expository essay about students is also a way to establish a connection between you and the students. For example, if the topic is diversity, you can write about how students are not always aware of different groups within the group. This may help you to establish a connection that will inspire the students' interest in your subject.In conclusion, you can see that writing samples expository essay about students is really a time-tested method of creating a bridge between the student and you. Therefore, it is important that you should know this material. If you really want to have more students as your future students, then you should practice writing samples expository essay about students.Want to know how to write sample essays about students? Try our free tutoring service. It is the easiest way to build rapport with your students.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

What to Write on a College Application Essay About Yourself

What to Write on a College Application Essay About YourselfAs you are all probably aware, it is critical that you get the proper advice when it comes to writing your college admission essay. This is true no matter how little or much experience you have with college admissions essays. No matter how well written your college essay is, it can still fall flat if it is not addressed to the person who will decide if you get accepted or rejected. So, as you begin to consider writing your own college application essay, you should spend some time thinking about what to write on your essay about yourself.The answer to this question is important, and I think the writer can clearly see this after they write their college application essay. And, this is important because you do not want your college essay to be negative in nature. Negative statements such as, 'I did not get into college, etc., can greatly undermine your credibility. Therefore, make sure that your essay is well written and aimed a t encouraging your potential reader to apply to your college.In addition, a college application essay on yourself is one of the least likely times that a future employer will approach you. Therefore, the more you can write about yourself in a positive light, the better. In order to be most persuasive, you should use words like 'attractive,' 'bubbly,' 'strong-willed,' 'laid back,' 'smart,' 'responsible,' 'organization' and so forth.Another part of what to write on a college application essay about yourself is to include a story that best exemplifies who you are. If you are outgoing, then you may want to include an anecdote that shows you have a great sense of humor. This will demonstrate that you are easy to relate to your potential readers. You may even want to write a story about how you were so captivated by a particular book that you thought it was perfect for you.Writing about your talents and abilities will also help you stand out from other applicants. For example, if you are a math genius, you can add 'brilliant mathematician' to your personal essay. If you are a great athlete, then you could add 'athletic for ten years' to your essay.Many students begin their essays with stories that they have collected from friends, family, or their own experiences. Although these can be effective, you will need to take care to make sure that the stories are appropriate for the essay topic. These may include stories about your college experiences, a great job that you recently had, or anything else that can help to tell a story. In addition, remember that any stories that do not come from your own experiences must be specifically relevant to the college topic.Writing your college application essay on yourself is also a great opportunity to create a personal statement that can be a snapshot of who you are. You can speak about how your life is very different from others, and you believe that you would excel in the career you are looking to enter. You can then say why th is is so, and why you should be in college.Finally, what to write on a college application essay about yourself should not be just a list of accomplishments. Instead, a true reflection of yourself will highlight your abilities, passions, and interests, and even all the places that you have traveled. By all means, do not forget to mention your goals, but try to stay as humble as possible while doing so.

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Policing Why a Crackdown on Illicit Drugs Increases Crime - 275 Words

Policing: Why a Crackdown on Illicit Drugs Increases Crime (Essay Sample) Content: Why A Crackdown on Illicit Drugs Increases CrimeName:Institution:SummaryThe text chapters insinuate that the consumption of drugs in communities is a rampant problem that demands the utilization of a combination of tactics in solving. Therefore, in seeking solution to the case of NT, the authorities have no obligation but employee diverse tactics in dealing with the challenge since it is posing negative economic consequences to the community. In the text chapters, one of the strategies suggested for use by NT police entails increasing crackdowns and enacting strict policies that curb the utilization of the commodity. According to the authority, the expectation is that the adaptation of the tactic will curb the utilization of the drugs; thus, freeing the society from ills associated with drug abuse. The NT health department, on their part, also suggests the use of an approach that encourages the enlightenment of the population as the tactic for curbing drug abuse. To a n economist, both techniques can work (McTaggart, Parkin, Findlay, Spencer, 2012). However, the economic implications of the two methods might be dire hence the need for caution in dealing with the menace of rampant drug use in NT. Considering that the demand for the commodity is inelastic, coordination amid health professional and police is mandatory because increasing crackdowns will not provide the ultimate solution to the problem facing the community. Instead, the suppliers and users will continues with their trade and the police will not manage to coordinate with the addicts in devising ways for dealing with the problem, yet the enlightenment of the masses is the required tactic and such only succeed with coordination. Opting to increase crackdown will only breed crime which is economically detrimental for the city.IntroductionAs suggested in the article, Reading between the Lines, fighting rampant drug abuse requires direct involvement of the users in curbing drug abuse since without the inclusion of the addicts no single approach can work effectively in solving the problem. For the suggestion of increasing investments in programs that strive to educate the people on the dangers of the drug, the approach might work effectively since enlightenment is the key to solving communal problems (McTaggart,, 2012. For the option of increasing the penalties, the addict will devise ways of evading the police traps. Additionally, the users of the drugs might coordinate with some members of the community in concealing their act leading to infectivity of government mission despite use of resources. On the contrary, coordination in sensitization will minimize wastage as education enhances the use of bottom up approach in problems solving for societal problems.TheorizeExamples presented in text chapters suggest that increasing expenditure for curbing the use of drugs rarely helps in situation where the users of the drugs are not involved in the programs. Therefore , in the case of NT, the police and health care professionals ought to coordinate in discouraging drug usage in the community. According to the chapter titled Reading between the Lines: Why a crackdown on illicit Drugs Increases Crime and the ideal way of doing so entails educating people on the dangers of the use of the substance. The studies ought to commence gradually as rampant change results in resistance by the people targeted for a given course. However, in situation where studies are conducted in sequence the chances of improvements are high.Based on economic crime theory, prior to advancing such a program it is advisable conducting study to establish the motive behind the usage of illicit drugs. This is because there are cases in which quest for monetary gain influence indulgence in drug business and such is case for many suppliers. There are also cases in which suppliers target genuine user proscribe to use the drug by healthcare professionals (Cooper, Moore, Gruskin Krie ger, 2005). Therefore, in fighting the drug, use of stiff penalties might results in incarceration of the genuine users of the programs in such a case. In turn, people who are genuine users may collide with criminals in advancing drug usage. Suppliers will equally devise ways of concealing their act since the demand for illicit drugs is inelastic. The cost of the drug might also increase; hence, translating in crime especially in situations where the economic statuses of the people lead to consumption in drugs in the first place. As noted, the frustrations will lead the poor to employ ruthless tactics in obtaining a commodity that is costly and inelastic (Cooper, Moore, Gruskin Krieger, 2005). Given that the demand poses dire economic consequences, increasing penalties only harden the people who use the drugs. To an economic, the method is irrelevant since increasing the cost of the commodity as a strategy will not only increase poverty, but it will contribute to addictsà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ indulgence in crime. The users of sustenance such as cocaine will forgo many of the basic things in life in seeking to quench their thirst for illicit substance.UtilizeThe outcome of operation of strike force police in NT suggests that consumption of drugs affects all either directly or indirectly. In a situation where one member of the family uses hard drugs, the other members are affected economically, especially in cases where the individual is a sole bread winner. He/she might resort to crime to fulfill his/her needs. In such a scenario, enacting in place strict penalties might lead to the jailing of a person who people depend on for their live hood. Regardless of the strategy used, the disposable income of addicts will be spent on drugs and as such the economy status of a family is jeopardized.The government on its parts has the obligation of embracing strategies that promote positive economic growth and not creating divisions in the society. A case in point is channeling fun ds towards programs that seek to enlighten the masses as opposed to investing in prison infrastructure for incarcerating the users of the drugs (Aitken, Moore, Higgs, Kensal Kerger, 2002). Existing policies also work well in situations where a significant majority of the people are enlighten on the dangers of the use of drugs unlike in a situation where policies exist but people lack understanding on the negative consequences of the use of illicit substance.Coordination of the police and professionals is mandatory whenever dealing with case of drugs abuse in communities. This is because the professionals will guide the officers in devising tactics for rehabilitating the addicts who cannot withdraw from using the drugs within a shorter period. In such circumstance, biological techniques will aid eradicate a social problem in the community (Mukherjee, 2002). As opposed to utilizing a single approach in solving a problem, institutions will embrace a holistic approach in dealing with d ay to day challenges that increase consumption of drugs.AnalyzeEffects of use of revenue in educationWith the option of education, it is easier encouraging people to come out for therapies among many other causes that strive to discourage drugs use. However, in the adaptation of the process caution is necessary to minimize cases of victimization of the addicts. Additionally, the healthcare practitioners and police officers ought to help people address life difficulties that prompt indulgence into drugs (Wood, Tyndall, Lai, Montaner, Kerr, 2006). Another requirement in a community as NT where drug use is impacting negatively on the economy of the region, suggesting for alternative sources of entertainment for the populace is necessary. It is equally advisable solving some of the underlying societal problems such as unemployment in an attempt to discourage frustration that lead people to use drugs. Healthcare institutions also have the obligation of notifying the responsible authorit ies cases in which the practitioners proscribe the usage of illicit drugs.Effects of crackdown and increasing penaltiesAccording to an economist, the decision to increase penalties and conduct more crackdowns should be employed sparingly since the approaches in many cases work on the short-term but pose negative consequences on the long-term. A case in point is crackdown encouraging addicts to devise ways of concealing their acts and stricter penalties leading to the incarceration of people who are willing to reform. On the converse, increase in investment in education is economically viable since the impacts are long-term (Small, Kerr, Charette, Schechter Spittal, 2006). The neoclassical economics theory implies that human are rational and respond to action based on how they are proved. For ...