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“Good People” Essay

Love is one of the only words in this world that can’t be adequately described in words. Yet it is the strongest human emotion and most powerful force in the universe that conquers all, makes our lives worth living, and chooses our direction. In the two short stories the authors use their style, symbolism and point of views to best portray two different scenarios that both revolve around love. In â€Å"Good People† by David Foster Wallace 19 year old college student impregnates a girl he’d been seeing and is plagued with many uncertainties of life and love and is forced to make a difficult decision in the case of an abortion. In â€Å"What We Talk About When We Talk About Love† by Raymond Carver two couples sit around a table and attempt to discuss which knows more about true love while they drink gin. In the end, they both share a common theme; that love is ambiguous. In the stories, the author’s style of writing delivers the tones for which the ch aracters are feeling. Read more: Good people david foster wallace essay Effectively you also share some of the same emotions the characters are facing. In â€Å"Good People† there is a dense and intentionally clumsy style which adds to the story’s depth to portray the uncertainty and anxiousness that Lane is feeling. This style greatly immerses you into the circulating mind of teenaged Lane’s ambivalence of his love, religion, and self. Wallace uses the means of a third person narrator telling the story to capture Lane’s struggle and introverted thoughts. It is when he first told his girlfriend Sheri that he would go to the appointment with her to console her that his guilt starts to eat away at him†¦ â€Å"The worse he felt, the stiller he sat. The whole thing felt balanced on a knife or wire; if he moved to put his arm up or touch her the whole thing could tip over. He hated himself for sitting so frozen.† (Wallace 891). In the other story the authors tone is one of a darker, more mature subject matter with a fee l of â€Å"dirty realism†. Carver uses mainly dialogue to tell the story in a way that feels like an ordinary conversation but at the same time pries deeper into the unpleasant truths of the mundane world. Half way through the story, Mel makes a comment which changes the direction from the casual to the more dense subject matter. â€Å"And the terrible thing, the terrible thing is, but the good thing too, the saving grace, you might say, is that if something happened to one of us tomorrow, I think . . . the other person, would grieve for a while,  you know, but then the surviving party would go out and love again, have someone else soon enough.†(Carver 852) In the first story, Lane is constantly beating himself up and questioning himself of whether or not he’s making the right decision throughout the story at every turn. He even asks â€Å"What would even Jesus do?† (Wallace 893), revealing that this dilemma is one too complex for a mere human to make a proper judgment. The story is almost one long repeated question, where at the end even still the answer isn’t definitively answered. In the second story, Mel stumbles over his words often when discussing â€Å"love† not from the gin but from the complexity of pinpointing the meaning of love. When he tries to come to a coherent conclusion to the meaning of love he instead digresses into a convoluted meditation and becomes angered in trying to wrap his head around it. He too looks towards a higher power for guidance due to a lack of comprehension. Symbolism comes into play within these two stories where the adequacy of words isn’t enough. It gives more depth to the stories without being too blatantly obvious, keeping the reader thinking. In â€Å"Good People† there is symbolism carefully hidden throughout which Lane notices but doesn’t quite seem to entirely pick up on, it is more there for the reader to make an inferred decision at the end. The geography around him and the lake are the symbols which apply to his life and relationship with God, himself, and Sheri. It is when they are both sitting on the picnic table at the park near the lake when after realizing he was unintentionally praying with his hands that he notices the lighting has changed and it resonates with him. â€Å"†¦everything seemed distinctly lit, for the circle of the pin oak’s shade had rotated off all the way, and they sat now in sun with their shadow a two-headed thing in the grass before them† (Wallace 893). Likewise in the second story, symbolism is used for the same reason to enhance the plot, except in a more negative way. When the story begins the bottle of gin is full and the sun is bright and everyone is in a great and giddy mood. As the story progresses, the bottle of gin diminishes along with the brightness of the sun, leaving them at the end with a complex and increasingly dark conversation figuratively and a dark room literally. â€Å"He’s depressed,† Terri said. â€Å"Mel, why don’t you take a pill?† â€Å"Listen,† Mel said. â€Å"Let’s finish this fucking gin. There’s enough left here for one shooter all  around. Then let’s go eat. Let’s go to the new place.† (Carver 853) Mel sees finishing the bottle of gin as a way to finally end the conversation brought up on love and get him out of the frustration that the conversation had provoked within him. In this story the sun set and the gin was all drank yet th ey still hadn’t been able to conclude the true meaning of love from a relationship standpoint. In â€Å"Good People† the symbolism leads me to decide that Lane didn’t go through with the abortion, however in the end the two are still unsure whether or not things will work out for them and if it was the smart choice. The personal point of views of the authors feelings on love are reflected through the mediums of the characters in their stories. For example, in â€Å"Good People† Lane is a kid who is struggling with the challenge of understanding his place in the world and is constantly questioning the unknown. He wants to think of himself as a good person, but his skepticism of his belief in God, the questioning of his morals, and his â€Å"love† for Sheri weighs him down. Similar to the story, David F. Wallace was a writer known for taking the challenge of communicating what it meant to be human through writing whilst battling clinical anxiety and depression. When in deep thought, Wallace’s personal views and struggles with the belief in God are voiced through Lane’s inner thoughts†¦ â€Å"He promised God he had learned his lesson. But what if that, too, was a hollow promise, from a hypocrite who repented only after, who promised submission but really only wante d a reprieve?† (Wallace 894). Likewise in the second story, some of the rougher experiences of Raymond Carver’s life shine through directly in parallel to the story. Carver presents Mel’s heavy drinking in an understanding way, the way that only one who has witnessed the inner workings of alcohol and how it unknowingly deteriorates oneself can. Mel represents Carver in the story, his second wife Terri represents Raymond Carver’s real second wife (Tess Gallagher) who had a first husband herself both in the story and in real life, only in the story his name was Ed and in life was (Larry Edward Gallagher). In the story Terri claims Ed and she loved each other, Mel claims she is wrong, but Terri persists despite the fact he hit her sometimes and was disturbed and shot himself. In real life, Larry was MIA in the Vietnam War as a pilot and must have meant a lot to his wife seeing how  she kept his last name. The bigoted representation of Ed in Carver’s story represents the jealousy he had of his wife’s never ending love of her first husband. Carver’s first wife is also presented abstractly into the story. Carver had two kids with his first wife, (MaryAnn), who he later fought with and disliked. In the story MaryAnn’s name is Marjorie and he voices his dislike for her while still wanting to see his kids. As you can see the author’s lifetime experiences greatly influence their perspectives which is presented and passed down through their works of literature. Both writers struggle to capture the meaning of love in their own sentimental ways, however neither come up with a definitive answer. How true it is today that love really is ambiguous no matter how well we try to capture it in its natural human habitat. No matter how many years go by or how technologically advanced a society we become, the question will always at its roots remain.

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Marshall & Gordon

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Assignment 2 Marshall & Gordon: Designing an Effective Compensation System Situational Analysis Paul Nasr is the president of Morgan Stanley (MG) who has nearly 20 years of experience in the capital markets business. He assumed the leadership of the newly created Capital Markets Services division. The Capital Markets division is an interdisciplinary entity created to serve as a link between the Investment Banking division and the sales and trading arms of the firm, Equity and Fixed Income.The division is created to provide the clients with more focused attention and service. The employees in this division were also expected to generate business from organizations that were not previously clients of Morgan Stanley. Nasr hired Parson who is a successful, young banker and has a proven track record in the financial sector. He believed Parson is the right person in growing the capital market services arm of the firm. Parson had ten years of experience and possess es strong relationships in the banking and insurance industries.He didn’t have the Ivy League background that other employees in Morgan Stanley had had but he has the required experience working in bank and investment houses. He quickly rose up the ranks to become the Managing Director of a small firm. He is assigned the title of Principal and is expected to give analytical solutions to complex problems, have good client relations, understand the clients’ objectives and constraints and identify and create business opportunities for MG. He should possess excellent negotiation skills and also be a team supervisor and leader of the Investment Banking Department. 60O FEEDBACK PROCESS This process is a feedback solicited from superiors, peers, subordinates and internal clients as well as self-evaluation of an employee to gauge his/her performance. The inputs from this feedback helps in understanding and quantifying an employee’s strength, his/her deficiencies as well as gives cues for required developmental trainings and appraisal/promotion. This process minimizes the perceptional evaluation from a single source and gives a sense of ownership and fair judgment to one’s self perception.During the performance evaluation before his supposed promotion to the managing director or partner of the firm, Parson is credited for his good marketing skills, knowledge of the market and product, aggressiveness in making the deals with clients, his ability to cross-sell products to the clients. But he also got some very negative comments for being judgmental, not being a team player, not being professional at times. Nasr, though, defended that Parson is still young in MG and needed time to align himself with the firm’s values. Problem DefinitionNasr is staring down the barrel on whether to promote Parson as a Managing Director/Partner of the firm or give him more time. He also did not want to lose Parson who might leave the firm if he did not get the promotion. Options Nasr has three ways of coming out of this quagmire: a. Promote Parson and assume that he will get better with time. b. Hold his promotion till the next evaluation and give him a chance to overcome his shortcomings. c. Terminate his employment because his work doesn’t align with the firm’s core values. Evaluation Criteria:The following criteria should be used to evaluate the options available to make a fair decision: a. The employee should be result-oriented b. He should have good interpersonal skills c. He should bring new business to the firm d. He should be able to win the confidence of the clients e. He should possess both the market and product knowledge f. Understand the needs of the clients and utilize his market knowledge to work with the product specialists in providing a new product g. He should be a good team player h. He must possess good analytical skills to solve complex issues. Evaluation of Options a. ) Promote ParsonRob Parson is an excellent employee who has turned around the Capital Markets Services division in Morgan Stanley in an unconventional way and brought in new business through his aggressive marketing skills. He is instrumental in improving the market share from 10th position to 3rd position, during which the market share rose from 2% to a substantial 12. 2%. Since the division is new, he had to adopt these methods to win the clients’ trust. He introduced clients to his colleagues and also is able to cross-sell products. He might not always be social given his responsibilities but he is not antagonistic towards anyone.Moreover, Parson acknowledges that he is poor at self-promotion and is not in sync with the organization’s goals. b. ) Hold his promotion Nasr is in a position of responsibility and authority. If he chose to promote Robert Parson just on the basis of results, it would create a wrong precedent to other employees that they can bypass the Morgan Stanley culture and still get promoted. In addition, Rob Parson is personally recruited by Nasr and, giving a promotion to Parson despite the interpersonal issues indicates adaption of unfair practices in the performance evaluation.Also, the newly implemented 360-degree feedback stresses on culture of the firm rather than goal orientation. In this case, Parson is more goal-oriented than organization-oriented. So, his promotion being put on hold could be a viable option at this juncture. c. ) Terminate his employment Parson came from a background where he ought to be more result-oriented than being a cultural-fit in pursuing his goals. By adapting this strategy, he had created an internal notion that employees can bypass the core values of an organization to achieve one’s goals.This could undermine the very working culture of the firm and would lead to internal conflicts within the employees. So, his employment could be terminated to maintain the stability within the organization. Recommendation It can be concluded that he is a valuable asset to the firm given his contributions and should be promoted to the Managing Director position. He could undergo trainings on team building and interpersonal skills to further improve himself. The 360-degree performance evaluation can be used to give feedback to Parson on both his strengths and areas where improvement is needed.

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Organisational Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organisational Leadership - Essay Example information and technology and one which is highly knowledge oriented, is one of the most significant outcomes of the transformation from the industrial to information age. Such far-reaching changes have revolutionized the manner in which organizations were initially managed, thereby leading to evolution of novel leadership styles, and in the process have completely redefined the scope and impact of institutionalized power and authority within organizations, thereby influencing the manner in which such organizations operate and function in the knowledge based post industrial developed economies. This paper seeks to discuss, analyze and explore the manner in which the leadership styles have transformed from the industrial age to the post industrial era, with the help of corresponding theories and models, and recent developments. In the industrial age the three critical factors of production included – land, labor and capital, however, the transition to the information age has added another crucial factor of production – â€Å"knowledge†. Knowledge revolution brought about by the development of new and state of the art technology which was previously unavailable to the leaders, have completely revolutionized the manner which organizations function and compete in the market place. Organizations such as Dell, Microsoft, Toyota, IBM, etc have excelled in this art, through sheer application of knowledge led leadership strategies. Automation – an outcome of technology, has facilitated the creation and development of highly skilled workforce, in the developed economies which is a vital factor of production and instrumental in redefining the human resource as mere labor – devoid of any critical skill and who are merely employed to follow the orders of their leaders, to a more know ledgeable and intellectual workforce who are employed to generate input in the form of ideas that can help the management in overcoming various organizational setbacks – both internal

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Assignment Privacy Issues and Monetizing Twitter Essay

Assignment Privacy Issues and Monetizing Twitter - Essay Example For Twitter, earning income can be done through activities such as promoted tweets and sales of analytic tools and services to advertisers. As Twitter employs a number of its users’ private information such as names, email address, pictures, videos and the like, the founders of Twitter should ensure that whatever step they decide to take to produce income will not result to a violation of their users’ privacy. Four years after it went live in 2006, Twitter began planning to make the site generate income. Valued at US$1 billion and with over four billion tweets from users worldwide (Fraiha 1), founders of Twitter do have a lot to lose if their strategy for earning income will overstep legal boundaries on privacy, not only of the United States but of all countries with Twitter users. Together with Google and Microsoft, Twitter is considering dabbling in data-mining and make use of their large database to earn revenue. Unfortunately, existing issues regarding privacy is making the three companies stop and consider whether the idea is viable or not. 2. There are several stakeholders in this case. First are the billions of users inside and outside the United States. They are what made Twitter become popular and the reason the company is worth billions. If Twitter’s monetizing scheme would violate privacy laws, it is the users’ personal information that is at stake. The second stakeholders would be the companies and individuals that are now enjoying free advertisement via â€Å"tweets† to Twitter users. Since Twitter has a worldwide user base that â€Å"tweet† in real time, pre- and post sales marketing is faster than traditional advertisement. (Fraiha 5) Requiring fees in exchange for posting advertisements would be one way for Twitter to generate income. Moreover, this may help in regulating the â€Å"advertising tweets† and, for users, avoid getting unwanted â€Å"marketing tweets†. Competitors of Twitter

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The love canal case Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The love canal case - Article Example By going through the case, under-examination, the first questions appears how the situation appeared at the first place. Since, toxic wastes had been buried in the trench, once specified for the canal by William J. Love, the Board and Education and the land developers must have not constructed anything on it, as their act not only destroyed the entire region, but also put hundreds of precious lives in grave jeopardy. Secondly, the governmental agencies also appear to be responsible for demolishing of houses, schools and other places built on the trench carrying fatal waste. Had they not allowed construction of the buildings at there, the area would have not witnessed spread of cancer and other diseases, along with occurrence of abnormal births in that region (Business Week, 32). Thus, the main problem is the (mis)appropriate allocation and use of the land without cleansing it for residential, educational and commercial purposes. However, since Occidental Petroleum Company had informe d about the presence of heavy toxic wastes buried while selling the land to the Niagara Falls Board of Education, in the wake of the latter’s threatening behavior, the Company did not have any responsibilities for the losses in men and material to be occurred for the future years to come. On the contrary, the Board of Education, land developers and governmental agencies are liable for the losses took place in the form of seepage and leakage of the toxic wastes. Thus, the loyalties certainly go to the Occidental Company, and the poor masses due to the very fact that the former agreed to pay heavy ransom for the loss it did not have any involvement or intention to get involved, while the latter suffered in the form of experiencing seepage, breakout of diseases, and demolishing of their residences and workplaces at large (Business Week, 33). Another important issue, appeared while

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 135

Discussion - Essay Example After researching, I realized that the Americans maintain direct eye contact, which is considered as an indication of honesty and confidence. According to the Asians, direct eye contact is considered rude and aggressive. The assumption that similarities exist in both our cultures was a huge mistake. Nonverbal signs are often misinterpreted leading to miscommunication. Rather than taking offense, that my friend seemed dishonest, confronting him on the issue would have solved the problem. The tendency of concluding that he was dishonest was not wise instead of taking time to understand him (Samovar and Porter 118). In conclusion, intercultural communication can bring up a conflict because of misunderstanding of information. Schools should teach about the different cultures to avoid instances of misinterpretation of nonverbal communication such as postures, gestures, and other body language. Every culture’s beliefs and values should be

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The History of Pharmacy and its effects on Western Civilization Essay

The History of Pharmacy and its effects on Western Civilization - Essay Example It is the pharmacist’s role to ensure the purity and effectiveness of drugs. At the same time, pharmacists collaborate with other health professionals in order to provide the best healthcare to afflicted patients. Right at the dawn of civilization, human began attempting to use natural substances to fight against diseases. Early medicine consisted of readily available plants and minerals. The first pharmacists were selected individuals in society known in some cultures as ‘medicine men’ or ‘healers.’ The basis of this early practice was a combination of superstitious belief and natural science. Early practitioners were sometimes referred to as ‘sorcerers’ or ‘magicians’. The English word pharmacy itself traces its etymology to the Greek word pharmakeia, which means sorcery or witchcraft. Te empirical shift in perspective came with the advent of Greek medicine. The study of the history of pharmacy is to understand the practice in its wider concept of modern society, understand its functions and its trend in the future. Mesopotamian civilizations were among the earliest producers of medicinal drugs between 3000Bc and 539BC. Medicine is this era was intertwined with religion. Sickness was considered punishment for sin. Healing, on the other hand, was considered cleansing or purification (Kremers, 1986). Medicine mainly was made from plants. An examination of clay tablets revealed the use of plant drugs and minerals. Milk, wax, honey and various fats and oils were also used for medicinal purposes. A document dated 2000BC shows a record of powdered seeds to be dissolved in beer and offered to the patient. Mythology played a huge role in this early practice. Dispensation of drugs included drug formulas and incantations involving the mention of mythical gods like ‘Ea’ and ‘Gula.’ Ninazu was considered god of the healers, and his son messenger of the gods. They were symbolized by a rod and a serpent. Kremers (1986)notes the

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Signature assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Signature - Assignment Example Additionally, I have gained the ability to identify, which articles and case studies are appropriate to analyze in relation to the questions asked in the course. By so doing, I have acquired verse knowledge and skills to help me in the future when am entered with a situation, which requires me to carry out research. The work that I did in class was in relation to identifying different research methods and analyzing results. However, in the work that I did, it is clear that it was more of the analysis of what the authors had done in the research rather than the indicating further explanation of the understanding of the topic or the research method itself. Therefore, in order to improve the work I did in class I would critically evaluate the research method itself and identify the areas that the method is used. Secondly, I would give different opinions on the method indicating how different authors have understood each research method. Thirdly, by using the case studies given I would include the discussion part in the essay to indicate how the research was conducted. By so doing, it will give me a better understanding of the concepts that have been provided in the articles. This will further increase the understanding of the relevant issues involved in the research including good ethical consider ations that are required for every research that is conducted. The topic on Meta-analysis as a research method was a challenge to me, as I did not quite understand how two different aspects were combined to produce results of an issue. This aspect of meta-analysis was confusing because in the study, that I researched on the case study was recent and the one that was combined with the first study was done a long time ago. Seeing that there have been changes not only in technology, but also in other sectors, it is may be correct to say that the data would be compromised. Additionally the meta-analysis research method requires a person who understands the complexity

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Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Scholarship - Essay Example I love exploring new cultures and studying their ways which I am unaware of. To date, I have been to various countries and have frequently had interaction with culturally diverse people from different parts of the world. I love being in a multicultural society and that happens to be one of the many reasons why I am applying to the universities in UK. I chose the programme of Radiography Diagnostic Imagery because in addition to being a wonderful academic programme for laying the basis of a professional career, but also the university it is offered in is located in a city that is conventionally known for the cultural diversity of citizens. I foresee many advantages of pursuing this course specially in this university one of which is that I would have least inconvenience finding myself residence or becoming part of the mixed tapestry that constitutes culturally diverse population. It was right after I participated in the internship programme offered at the Medicare Hospital in Dubai, t hat I made up my mind to pursue my degree in Radiography Diagnostic Imagery. During my internship, I discovered a unique combination of art and science while technician skills were made use of to handle the technology. One thing that I particularly appreciate about this field of study is that the work is quite diverse in nature. I am fascinated by the mere thought of being called upon for the management of conventional radiography, ultrasound screening, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and radionuclide imaging and other areas that a Radiography Diagnostic Imagery Manager needs to take care of. Diversity in the areas of responsibility in this field motivates me to pay full heed to my studies and undertake the programme with full focus and attention. I specifically want to play key role in the diagnostic process, therefore, my interest is particularly in Radiography Diagnostic Imagery instead of Radiography and Oncology. To me, the ability to develop and analyze images that diagnose illnesses for patients is more of an emotionally satisfying factor than a scientific challenge. Although I greatly admire and acknowledge the value of providing the cancer patients with radiation treatment, yet the diagnostic side of work motivates me to adopt this as a profession. I think that this is one potential way of making my dream of helping people come true. I have always been an active participant in sports and all sorts of physical activities both within school and out of school. Throughout my years in school, I actively participated in quite a lot of physical activities that were arranged off and on in addition to the regular studies. Quite often, I have led the teams in football, badminton, and basketball. I generally manage to perform equally well in both individual and group activities, though teamwork is very motivating for me as I feel encouraged to become prominent with more effort and hard work. I love team work because it makes me feel like at home . I depend on others and they depend on me. Mutually, we develop a force that is irresistible and directed at the achievement of goals. Teamwork happens to be another factor that drives me towards this profession because the nature of work requires personnel to work in close collaboration and cooperation with one another. In diagnostics, I visualize myself as part of a team who work together to analyze the patient’s conditions to assess his/her diseases, develop a treatment plan and devise ways

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Tourism Policy & Stratgy - deconstruct a piece of tourism policy Essay

Tourism Policy & Stratgy - deconstruct a piece of tourism policy - Essay Example The process of policy formulation entails integrated set of components. Usually it is of essence to understand what needs to be done and whether they are legally right. Task one- Philosophy Environmental policies After the European Union agreed to reduce its conservatory gas productions in 2008, it portrayed its responsibility to engage in the environment change campaign and to guide the world in determining how this might be organized (European Commission, 2000). The approved cut of twenty per cent from 1990 points by 2020, at the same time with a twenty percent renewable goal, was an important phase for the EU's environmental development and a pure indication to the rest of world that the European Union was set to take the action needed. This was achieved by meeting the Kyoto Protocol objective (European Commission, 2000). In this white paper, the company finds the correct balance between social, economic, and environmental plans to improve the positive influences that aeroplanes p roduces, while reducing the negative effects and meeting approved environmental standards (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp. 3. Par.1). They add that, the government will introduce immediately a plan to inspect how the environmental harms at Heathrow may be corrected (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp. 8. par. 2). ... In the thought of Litman (2003), the entire transport system needs a complete change of the technique used by the specialists in tackling difficulties. Glasgow Airport is situated within the local authority known as the Renfrewshire Council local authority and is supported by the Renfrewshire Local Plan (Michael, 2006). Local planning policies of the Renfrewshire Local Plan were approved in 2006. The plan recognises the worth of Glasgow Airport as a main component of the local and international economy, and aims at making provision for the working requirements and development within the airport to ensure its continuous development (Michael, 2006). The white paper provides a description of support for local air facilities and airport expansion. It further states that they expect all major airports create or update main plans, to take the White Paper’s consideration (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp. 4. par.3). The white paper states that the main priority is to make use of the pre sent runways at the main airports in South East. Besides that, they support the construction of two modern runways by 2030 in the South East (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp.7 par.2). Local government planning directives The development framework is integral to the success of the development of the Community Policy Plan. For instance, the directives aim at raising the living standards of residents. This can be achieved through the encouraging business expansion in appropriate sites (Burnham, 2000). According to Richmond (2011), the Council will make sure that garbage collection and removal arrangements are established according to the principles of sustainability grounded on an order of

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Fictitious Business Description Essay Example for Free

Fictitious Business Description Essay The main purpose of this study is to discuss the importance of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Castle’s Family Restaurant. We are therefore going to discuss on the HR problems in Castle’s Family Restaurant and how the implementation of HRIS will enable the company to reduce costs together with ensuring efficiency in HR operations (Randall S. Susan E. 2007). Business assessment Castle’s Family Restaurant in Northern California is the business to be assisted. It is large in size since it runs several branches in different locations and also has over 300 employees and this makes it to be a company. Depending on the size of the business, I have in my description assumed that Castle’s Family Restaurant is a since it has many employees and many branches. This assumption is based on the background of restaurant work environment and industry. Based on the basic theory of business complexity and getting work done restaurants should employ many workers to ensure that work is done efficiently like in the case of Castle’s Family Restaurant. Identified problems In the review of the HR of Castle’s Family Restaurant, I have noted the following: I have discovered that business does not have a human resource manager rather the operations manager served as HR manager. The company has not implemented HRIS which is important in monitoring the employee’s performance (Randall S. Susan E. 2007). It is therefore evident that the HR is experiencing problems since the HR manager is unqualified and had so many duties to handle which is quite tiresome for him. Some of the functions of a HR include manpower planning, recruitment and training of employees, hiring employees and monitoring employees to ensure high performance. In my analysis I will focus much on monitoring of employees performance which will help me design a business plan. The main reason for focusing on this HR function is because the company seems to have failed in its implementation of HRIS which could be useful in reducing the HR managers travel time and travelling costs and that is why the HR manager has to travel to the branches to monitors employees performance. According to the resource-based theory of Human Resources, strategic management of the company resources leads to its success (Randall S. Susan E. 2007). Increase in the costs incurred by the company is wastage of company resources since a better method can be implemented to reduce these costs and improve company’s performance. HRIS needs assessment According to Michael J. Mohan T. (2008), HRIS is an online solution used by Human Resources to enter data, track data and manage accounting and payroll functions of the company. The main purpose of implementing HRIS in a company is to reduce the manual workload in HR administrative activities through tracking existing workers. Implementation of this software will create a more efficient process from the HR in the sense that it will help the HR manager to manage information about the employees, analyze employee information, manage resumes and new applications and also complete payroll integration with other financial accounting software in the company (Michael J. Mohan T. 2008). Automating all HR functions saves a lot of time and resources and hence increasing efficiency in HR operations as suggested by the resource-based theory of Human Resources. By implementing HRIS in Castle’s Family Restaurant, the HR manager will not have to travel to all company branches to monitor and answer employees questions rather he will perform his duties in his office. All questions that need to be answered will be answered through this software. Application or implementation of HRIS in Castle’s Family Restaurant will therefore enable the HR manager to complete all of his tasks in a cost-effective manner. Conclusion As a HR consultant, I would advise Castle’s Family Restaurant to implement HRIS as this software will solve much of the HR problems and hence leading to reduced costs and improved HR efficiency. Implementation of HRIS will make the company to effectively use it resources for better operations.

Tim hortons Essay Example for Free

Tim hortons Essay Mr. Jake Zablocki, Miss Harjinder Sandhu , Mr Roysten Fernandes and Miss Maria Klepikova will together comprise the board of directors and will be involved in day to day activity . Board Of directors * ( we can exclude this )* Mr. Jake Zablocki as the Chairman Miss Harjinder Sandhu as the Chief Operating officer Mr Roysten Fernandes as the President Miss Maria Klepikova as the Vice-president The key advisors are: Miss Harjinder Sandhu Legal Consultant Miss Sandhu is an in house legal advisor and voluntarily offers her services as part of the management team. Mr Jake Zablocki  ± Account Manager Mr Zablocki will assume all the accounting responsibilities and will manage the business joint account separately Royal Bank of Canada. Infrastructure Who are key outside advisors, such as accountants, lawyers, or co nsultants, and what is their compensation package? Enter text here. NA Contracts and Franchise Agreements What are the company ¶s management contracts, non -compete agreements, franchise, or other contractual agreements? Enter text here. We( Name to be decided ) have entered into an Franchise Agreement with Tim Horton ¶s for a period of 10 years with an option to renew for further 10 years at the discretion of the management team Business Plan Non Compete agreement exists between the four entrepreneurs for a period of 5 years of restricting to enter into food beverages in Ontario for the smooth function of the business. Insurance If you have a buy-sell agreement, who will be insured in terms of life insurance policies on key personnel for which the company is the beneficiary? Enter text here. We have a buy and sell agreement in place , a type of insurance where all the four partners are assure for life. The Insurance policy will be placed under a trust. All the four member will be the trustee. Buy and Sell: means the legal representa  tives of the deceased are obliged to sell the share to the remaining partners who are in turn obliged to buy it. The remaining partners are able to buy the share from the proceeds of a life insurance policy taken out by the deceased on their own life and placed in trust for the remaining partners. Employee Stock Option Plan and Other Incentives What employee stock option or other incentive plans will be in effect? Enter text here. We do not have any employee stock option plan or incentive plan other than the one run by Tim Horton ¶s time to time. Organization Charts How is the company organized? Enter text here. The management team contributes equally to the success of the business. 8 ? Business an Mr Jake Za ck Miss ar inder Sandhu Bussiness Mr ysten Fernandes Miss Maria Kle ik va 9 Business Plan PRODUCT/SERVICE Purpose of the Product/Service What is the purpose of the product/service? How does the product/service benefit the customer? Does it solve a problem or address an opportunity; is it a luxury item or a needed item? Enter text here. Unique Features What are the unique features of the product/service, such as cost, design, quality, capabilities? Enter text here. Stage of Development What is the history of product/service life cycle, and which stage of development is the product/service currently in? Enter text here. Future Research and Development What, if any, future research and development efforts will be required? Enter text here. Trademarks, Patents, Copyrights, Licenses, Royalties What patents, trademarks, service marks, or copyrights have been obtained? W hat license or royalty agreements are associated with the product/service, and what plans are there for future agreements? Enter text here. Government Approvals What governmental approvals are necessary, and what is the status of such approvals? Enter text here. Product/Service Limitations What are the limitations of the product/service, if any? Enter text here. Product/Service Liability What are the liabilities this product/service may pose? What are the insurance requirements and costs? Enter text here. Related Products/Services and Spin-Offs What are the related services that will be provided, and how will they increase or enhance the profitability of the venture? What new product or service spin -offs could be developed to meet changing market needs in this industry or others? Enter text here. 10 Business Plan Production How much will be produced internally, and how much of the production will be subcontracted out? What are the costs and services involved with subcontracting? Who are the backup subcontractors; what are their costs, and who supplies the services? Enter text here. Facilities What are the plans for facilities (manufacturing, office, retail)? What are the manufacturing plans, that is, the manufacturing facility, production capacity, and future capita l-equipment needs? Enter text here. Suppliers Who are the major raw material suppliers, and what are the significant purchasing contracts with them? Are there backup suppliers? Enter text here. Environmental Factors What is the potential environmental impact of the product or service? What steps will the company take to protect the environment? What environmental agencies regulate the product or service? Enter text here. 11 Business Plan MARKETING PLAN Industry Profile Current Size What is the current size of your industry? Enter text here. Growth Potential Is this a growth, stable, or declining industry? Enter text here. Geographic Locations Is your industry located in a specific area of the country? Enter text here. Industry Trends What are the trends in the industry? What effect does technology have on the business? Enter text here. Seasonality Factors What are the special seasons in your industry? Enter text here. Profit Characteristics What are the profit characteristics for your industry? Enter text here. Distribution Channels What distribution channels currently exist to support the sale of your product or service? Enter text here. Basis of Competition What is the basis of competition for your industry? Enter text here. Competition Profile What is the profile of the competition? What is your competitive advantage? Enter text here. Customer Profile What is the profile of the intended customer? What are the reactions to the product/service from prospective customers? Enter text here. Target Market Profile What is the target market, size, and cost of market penetration? 12 Business Plan Enter text here. Pricing Profile What is the pricing structure? What are your policies on negotiating a price for large orders or on special price deals for penetrating the market? How is the pricing structure sensitive to the customer ¶s buying points? Enter text here. Gross Margin on Products/Services What is the gross margin potential? What are the industry ¶s pricing policies? Do you differ? Enter text here. Break-Even Analysis What is the break-even point for your product/service? Enter text here. Market Penetration Distribution Channels What distribution channels will be used for selling the product or service to the end user? Enter text here. Sales Representatives How will sales representatives be used as an approach for selling the product or service to the end user? Enter text here. Direct-Sales Force How will a direct-sales force be used for selling the product or service to the end user? Enter text here. Direct Mail/Telemarketing How will direct mail or telemarketing be used as an approach for selling the product/service to the end user? Enter text here. Advertising and Promotion What advertising and promotion media will be used for the distribution system and end users? Enter text here. Packaging and Labeling What kind of packaging and labeling will be used? Enter text here. Service and Warranties What warranties and guarantees will be offered? Enter text here. 13 Business Plan Trade Shows What trade shows do you plan to use to exhibit your product/service? Enter text here. Future Markets What opportunities could occur in future markets? Enter text here. 14 Business Plan OPERATING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS Administrative Policies, Procedures and Controls Receiving Orders What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for receiving orders? Enter text here. Billing the Customers What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for billing the customers? Enter text here. Paying the Suppliers What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for paying the suppliers? Enter text here. Collecting the Accounts Receivable What administrative policies, procedures, and controls will be used for collecting the accounts receivable? Will you have a separate collection department? Use a collection agency? Use factoring?

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A Failure To Communicate

A Failure To Communicate What we have here is a failure to communicate. This famous quote from the 1967 film, Cool Hand Luke, characterizes the plight of the characters in the short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri. A Temporary Matter, When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine, and Interpreter of Maladies, three stories in Lahiris book Interpreter of Maladies, demonstrate how a failure to communicate dooms the relationships between the characters in each story. Not every breakdown in communication is for the same reason, but it is usually neglect for the partners interests. This failure of the relationships is portrayed in these stories as due to a failure of one or both of the partners of the relationship to realize the needs and desires of the other. Lahiri portrays her characters as oblivious to the other partners feelings or self-directed, only focusing on their own situation. In Lahiris stories she lets us walk in the shoes of another person where she points out the obvious flaws that the protagonists seem to miss. The story, A Temporary Matter, begins with a notice that for five day electricity would be cut off for an hour in the neighborhood of Shukumar and Shoba, a young Indian couple. After the death of their baby, who died at birth, the two are going through depressions. They constantly avoid each other, only meeting up to have a silent dinner or have an awkward check-up on the other. The love in their relationship had become none-existent and the images of when they did love each other haunt Shukumar. Before the night of the first blackout Shukumar prepared dinner for Shoba, hoping to rekindle something between them. They had dinner by candle-light in silence, until Shoba brought up a little game where they had to tell each other something they had never told the other before. They did this every night until the first night after the blackouts. Shukumar had set up the dinner table as if the blackouts were still happening, but Shoba turned on the lights and brought up a serious subject. Sh e revealed to Shukumar that she was preparing for a life without him. Shukumar then retorted with something that was equally as hurtful. Lahiri ends the story with the two sitting at the table weeping. Lahiri uses her first story to illustrate to the reader how the neglect of one or both people in the relationship can cause it to fail; the inability to meet someones needs or make sacrifices in a relationship ultimately dooms it. By the time of the nightly power outages, they had become experts at avoiding each other, neither Shukumar nor Shoba was willing to face the other for fear of having to deal with the tragic loss of their baby (4). In their mutual depression they are both unwilling to help themselves and unable to relieve the stress they are living under, much less helping each other. They refused to let go of this tragedy, The film in his camera still contained pictures of Shoba, in the yard, when she was pregnant (15). The pictures represent a happier, idealized time in their relationship, and by keeping the pictures in his camera it shows that he is unwilling let go of this image and face the reality of the present. He cannot accept that their relationship is failing and neither can Shoba. They are unwilling and unable to move forward, dragged back into depression by the constant reminders of the death of their baby. The more they could not help themselves move on, the more they could not help the partner. Shukumar is stuck in a malaise and Shoba does everything to distract herself. They did not have the ability or the willpower to help themselves or each other; therefore they were stuck in a dying relationship. To illustrate the fact that Shukumar and Shoba are too busy wallowing in their self-centered misery Lahiri snuck in the image of the dying plant in dried up dirt in the midst of all this misery, Even though the plant was inches away from the tap, the soil was so dryà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ he had to water it first before the candle would stand straight (10). The plant and soil are a metaphor for the relationship. His relationship had life and many chances, but he neglected those chances. He was unwilling to water the plant, just like he unwilling to help his relationship. Even at the end, the plant is dead but he is still using the soil. He does not even watering the plant for the plants sake, but using it for his own needs; just like when they have these intimate moments during the blackouts, he is not to keep his marriage alive, he is doing it to get his doubts and secrets off his chest, It happened over fifteen years ago. He felt relief now, having told her (17). These confessions were not meant to help mend the relationship but were used instead to relieve their conscience and ultimately ended up hurting each other, Our baby was a boyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ he promised himself that day (the day the baby was born) he would never tell Shoba, because he still loved her then (22). He knew this would hurt Shoba, but now he did it for personal gain and vengeance. Their self-centered attitude toward their relationship ultimately drove them apart. In the short story When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine, the title character, Mr. Pirzada, a botanist from Dacca, India, leaves his wife and six daughters behind to study plant life in New England. Ten year old Lilia and her parents, an Indian family, invite Mr. Pirzada to come over to have dinner with them. While in the U.S. a war broke out in India and Dacca was hit. Mr. Pirzada would come every night to the house of Lilia and eat dinner with them. One of those nights in October, Lilia began to accept his constant visits, and even carved a pumpkin with him. On Halloween night Lilia was about to venture out trick-or-treating for her first time alone until Mr. Pirzada got worried and asked if he should go. Fearing losing her independence she told him not to worry, he sulked back surprised into the doorway. They do not talk again, and the family does not hear from him for months until one day they receive a letter from Mr. Pirzada telling them that he found his family and all were safe. When Mr. Pirzada finds that the communication between him and his family is flawed, he slowly opens channels with Lilias family. Mr. Pirzadas need for communication was shown Each week [when] Mr. Pirzada wrote a letter to his wife, and sent comic books for his seven daughters (24). However this proves to be an unsatisfying way of communication because it is one way communication; therefore he looks toward Lilia and her family to fill the void of the lost relationship with his daughters and his family. As Mr. Pirzada begins to go to dinners, he starts to treat Lilia more and more like his daughter. The turning point in their relationship is the carving of the pumpkin, Yes, lets carve it,à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ For the first time we all gathered around the dining table (35). Before the carving of the pumpkin the height of the interaction between Mr. Pirzada and Lilia was when he gave her candy each night. They realized that they had to give up a little bit of comfort for him. He accepted the f amily because they took him in during his time of need. The whole family and Mr. Pirzada gathering around that table represented that Mr. Pirzada was part of the family. Through Mr. Pirzadas interactions, Lahiri illustrates that when one loses a line of communication, they look for it somewhere else. A relationship is doomed to failure if one of the sides of the relationship neglects the needs of the other side. On Halloween night, fearful of losing her independence, Lilia chooses to spend the night with her friend instead of spending it with Mr. Pirzada (something typical for the American culture, but difficult for Mr. Pirzada to understand), and tells him, Dont worry' (38). Disregarding Mr. Pirzadas fear that hell lose another daughter, Lilia neglects his needs and his pains. This act shows that she lacks the understanding that in order to help Mr. Pirzada she needs to sacrifice some things in order to keep her relationship with him alive. The communication between the two is broken down due to her obliviousness to the causes of this self-centered act. As such, their relationship fails: For a long time we did not hear from him. Our evenings went on as usual, with dinners in front of the news (41). Through her failure in communication, their relationship disintegrated. Throughou t the days with Lilias family, Mr. Pirzadas ties with them deepen, but when Lilia becomes oblivious to his needs, the relationship fails. In Lahiris third story Interpreter of Maladies, Mr. Kapasi is a working man in India with two jobs, an interpreter for a doctor and a tour guide. He is stuck in a dysfunctional relationship after the doctor could not prevent the death of his child. One day he is assigned the Dass, a young, irresponsible, and equally dysfunctional couple with nothing that holds them together except three children. Mr. Kapasi is made aware of this very early on in the story, with the Dass allowing their children to do whatever they want. Midway through the trip, Mr. Kapasi tells them about his job as an interpreter. Mrs. Das takes a sudden interest in Mr. Kapasi that she did not display with her husband or kids, saying that his job seems à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦so romantic (50). Mr. Kapasi becomes deeply enamored with Mrs. Das, feeling that her interest means that she loves him. He spends the rest of the story fantasizing about how their friendship would bloom, and worrying about leaving Mrs. Das or losing her interest. In order to spend more time with the family, he takes the family to the Sun Temple. Once there Mrs. Das stays in the car with Mr. Kapasi, where Mrs. Das confesses her failing relationship, her inability to get her stress off her chest, her affair, and that her youngest is not actually Mr. Dass. She asks Mr. Kapasi for a cure to make her feel better and make the pain go away, but Mr. Kapasi asks her, Is it really pain you feelà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ or is it guilt? (66). She becomes angered by this and storms off to her family, where she finds that her son has been beaten by the monkeys for his food. The story ends with Mrs. Das kneeling down to take care of her child as the paper with the address of Mr. Kapasi (that she was going to use to mail him) flutters out of her bag. Lahiri brings these two dysfunctional relationships together to display the different types of neglect: neglecting another and neglecting ones self. Through these two different types of neglect, she shows that without neglect a relationship is much more functional. In the very beginning Mr. Kapasi realizes that Mr. and Mrs. Das were a bad match, just as he and his wife wereà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ the bickering, the indifference, the protracted silenceà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ (53). Although we see Mr. Kapasi care for and try to help his depression stricken wife, The countless other ways he tried to console his wife and to keep her from crying in her sleepà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦, he knew that his wife had little regard for his careerà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ (53). Lahiri brings up the point that it only takes one to neglect and ruin a relationship. He began to understand that the reason he does not get along with his wife is because she neglects his feelings and help. The indifference for his job and the constant bicke ring is due to the wifes jealousy and self-centered thinking, she resented the other lives he helpedà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ (53). This is why Mr. Kapasi is love-stricken by Mrs. Das, When Mr. Kapasi thought once again about how she had said, romantic, the feeling of intoxication grew, because she seems to respect him and seems to makes him feel like his job is actually something worthwhile (53). The bickering, indifference, and silence was non-existent; she seemed genuinely interested in him. He feels like she realizes his troubles and does not neglect them like his wife does, therefore his affection grew. Due to the fact that his wife neglects his needs for respect, he looks for a new relationship elsewhere. However in the same story, Lahiri reveals the other side of the spectrum: how neglecting ones self can tear apart a relationship. Mrs. Das reveals her unwillingness to reach out and search for an outlet or a friend, when she tells Mr. Kapasi that à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦she did not make many close friends. There was no one to confide in about [her husband] at the end of a difficult day, or share a passing thought or worry (63). Simply put, she neglected her own needs. Instead of going to the trouble of finding someone to fill this need, she decided to cheat. She felt the ability to relieve herself of some of her stress, but this is ultimately unsatisfactory. In her continuing effort to relieve stress, she tells Mr. Kapasi some of her stories and secrets. It is only after the talk with Mr. Kapasi, she realizes that she is neglecting her own needs and neglecting the needs of her family, When she whipped out the hair-brush, the slip of paper with Mr. Kapasis address on it fluttered away in the w indà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ (69). She realizes that she needs a loving family and he children need her. She stops neglecting her children by the act of brushing the hair of her beaten boy. It is clear that the communication had been rekindled between her and her family from there. The paper fluttering away represents that Mr. Kapasi will be unneeded as an outlet for communication because now she has her family. She is no longer oblivious to the fact that she needs her family as an outlet. Mrs. Das realizes that due to her neglecting herself she is neglecting her family, and therefore chooses to fix her problem of communication by reviving the relationship with her family. In these three stories by Lahiri, failure of communication is caused by neglect. This is demonstrated by either one or both of the characters in the relationship acting oblivious to the other persons needs and/or is self-centered enough to not care. Oblivious neglect is the inability to recognize the needs of another and self-centered neglect is when one is unwilling to help or recognize these needs. The communication between Shukumar and Shoba breaks down due to their inability and unwillingness to help themselves or each other. The relationship between Lilia and Mr. Pirzada fails due to Lilias obliviousness to the effects of her self-centered want for independence from Mr. Pirzada and her family. The failure between Mrs. Das and her family was caused by her obliviousness to her own need for an outlet of stress, while Mr. Kapasi failing relationship is due to his wifes selfishness and unwillingness to let Mr. Kapasi help her. Each of these relationships is different, yet the common thread is communication, or the lack thereof.

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The Mood in Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden Essay -- Poetry Analysis

The Mood in Funeral Blues by W.H. Auden The poem, "Funeral Blues", by W.H. Auden tells about a person's grief and is successful in creating a very sad and depressing mood. This is achieved by the poet's use of language, word choice and sentence structure. The way in which the author describes his feeling - along with the use of rhythm and rhyme - was created in a very effective way which made it clear to the reader. In the first stanza the depressing mood is created straight away by the poet's use of commands, which created the impression that he wanted the whole world to come to a stand still: "Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone" These particular commands are demanding silence from everyone as he is requesting silence from everyone as he wants the clocks to stop ticking, the phone to stop ringing, the dog to be quiet and basically every aspect of normal, everyday life to come to a halt. By doing this the author has made it obvious that the person he has lost was his whole world and he feels as if the world cannot go on anymore without this person. W.H Auden also made effective use of rhythm and rhyme in order to create the atmosphere, which exists at a funeral: "à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦with muffled drum, Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come." By the use of the word 'muffled' I was given the impression of a foggy, depressing and cold day with the coffin being removed from the black hearse. I thought it to be effective when 'drum' was mentioned as normally it is at state funerals for very important people where drums are used. The impression I received was that it... ...der to swallow pills. This is then continued as the next line is telling of the complete despair that he feels and shows the lack of hope and happiness he possesses: "For nothing now can ever come to any good." The use of the word nothing also shows he does not see a future for himself anymore. As it is a short sentence and if you follow the rhythm intended it is a drowsy beat which again extends the overdose idea as it is him falling asleep and puts him out of his misery but at the same time the ending remains sad and does not give a happy ending. In conclusion, Funeral Blues by W.H Auden was successful in creating a very depressing mood that was full of despair and contained absolutely no hope. This was effective by the use of simple language, sentence structure and most importantly the use of rhythm and rhyme.

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I know why the caged bird sings :: essays research papers

Maya Angelou's I Know Why Caged Bird Sings illustrates how an innocent and naive girl growing up in the midst of the Great Depression overcomes life's many obstacles and becomes the powerful and influential woman she is today. Maya is a world renowned author, teacher, speaker, actress, and mother. Through this autobiographical piece, Maya's use of figurative language and allusion compounds her thoughts, as she depicts how one can supersede the expected barriers and soar to new heights.. In chapters 14 and 15 of the book, Maya's usage of figurative language conveys her struggle to speak. Through a tragic rape by her mother's boyfriend, Maya is scared for life and is led to believe that the very sound of her voice is lethal, consequently, she conceives a six year silence that, not knowing then, could limit her opportunities and convert her fate. After returning from St. Louis and entering Stamps, Maya entered her six year "cocoon." This haven extricated her metamorphic spurt into reality and womanhood. As with every cocoon, there is always a time when one must leave and bravely enter the unknown world behind the shell. Mrs. Flowers encouraged Maya to emerge and assisted her in finding her strongest defense and force, her love of literature, to open this barrier and allow Maya to end the silence. By doing this, it enhanced Maya's courage and willingness to conquer other barriers and fortresses. Maya's love of literature expanded and opened her horizons. One of Maya's favorite pieces of literature is The Tale of Two Cities. She enjoyed it because it was a tale of her life, although in different cities, now being St. Louis and Stamps, it seemed as if she was reading her own autobiography, which is, in fact, rather portentous and foreshadowing. With the first line of the book being, "it was the best of times and the worst of times...", it paints a portrait of Maya's childhood. Maya, even though she struggled through adolescence, was the best times of her life. It was her learning period. It was her no turning back period. She felt as if, even though the outer exterior of the environment was corrupt, why must her life be? It didn't have to be. Maya emerged into being a "dirty and inedible biscuit." Maya is becoming a very strong and independent woman. Most biscuits, when old, are moldy and have a very hard outer covering with a soft

THE LOST SHEEP, LOST COIN AND LOST SON Essay -- essays research papers

During Jesus’ life he was teaching in many different ways one of them was telling the parables. Parable is an earthly story with the heavenly meaning. That means that Jesus was making up a story in which there would be a real people, working of doing something that was common at that times. Sometimes he used the values whether material or spiritual, that were valuable in old times. So he was making everything to make the story look more realistic. But under the close of the poor man or woman and under the animal or a subject there was always something mach more complicated, something about his father, himself, and the people that were following the God or not. Jesus was telling the parable pretty often, usually the audience was tax collectors and the â€Å"lost† people that were passing by and stopped to listen Jesus’ stories. He told so many of them, but I think that the most important parables are about The Lost Sheep, Lost Coin and Lost Son. Because, that are the parables where he shows that God Loves the Sinners. Those parables can be read only in Luke. The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin are almost certainly thematically related, along with the parable of The Lost Son, which follows them. Many people are thinking that The Lost Sheep and Lost Coin are actually a double parable. The Russian Bible proves it. In it those parables are written under the same heading. Luke places these parables as an address to both tax collectors and sinners, and Pharisees and teachers of the law who were grumbling about Jesus’ association with those sinners. Thus, the parable becomes a response to the Pharisees’ charges as well as an announcement of the joy of finding the lost. â€Å"Joachim Jeremias includes the parable of the lost coin as an "apologetic parable," or a defense against the critics of Jesus.†1 So the parables of the lost sheep and lost coin are an apology, or defense, to Jesus’ critics, the Pharisees. At the same time, they are a proclamation of the good news to those who are lost. Reading of the parable is not as easy as it looks at first. Jesus spoke to the people in such a way that they would not understand. He explained what He was saying to only a few, who themselves had difficulty grasping it and sometimes denied it outright. There are a lot of ways to understand or, it is better to say interpret, the parables of Jesus one way an... ...) hi gave him the spiritual resurrection and gave back the power that the son had before. God's love for us is past understanding. When some people â€Å"did not welcome Jesus, James and John asked Jesus, â€Å"Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?†12†13. Jesus then rebuked them. Jesus came to save sinners, not to destroy them. Heavenly Father loves the lost so much that he gave his most valuable treasure--his Son--to die for the lost. Jesus loves the lost so much that he willingly died for the lost. The main idea off those parables is that we must love the sinner as Jesus and his father did. We must not react to abuse, with more abuse. We must act when abused, with love and need to be very careful not â€Å"to become a stumbling stone for the lost. Rather, we need to become a stepping stone for the lost to reach Christ†14. That is only a part of what parables tell us. It also tells us not to have judgmental attitude towards the lost. Like the oldest son had towards the youngest. The parable tells to demonstrate our love for sinners by bringing them to the Savior. Like Jesus did as he came to save the lost. So the main Point in those parables is GOD LOVES SINNERS.

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Regarding Maternal Deprivation Essay

1) Give an understanding of your feelings regarding maternal deprivation. â€Å"Maternal depravation† has been used to describe a whole range of situations in which the infant is deprived of his/her relationship with its mother/ primary carer. Bowlby’s theory of â€Å"Maternal depravation† was founded on the hypothesis, that if a child is detached on a physical and emotional level from its primary carer that this will have long term effects emotionally for that child. According to Bowlby this detachment will see an increase in disruptive and defiant behaviour as well as a detachment between themselves and their children in the future. Bowlby even goes as far as to suggest that the affected child could possibly grow into an affectionless psychopath lacking and social conscience. Bowlby based his research on a group of children who had been referred to his clinic for stealing (Juvenile thieves). Bowlby found that 32% of them were indeed lacking any conscious understanding or empathy towards the society in which they inhabited and were a part of. 86% apparently had indeed experienced early separation (if only for a week before the age of five). And in contrast only 17% of these children had not been deprived during their early years. On this basis Bowlby claimed that maternal depravation would have the following consequences on the child:- * emotionally and physically aggressiveness, * Depression, * Delinquency, * Dependency anxiety (clinging), * Dwarfism (retarded growth), * Affectionless psychopath (showing no feelings for others), * Intellectual retardation and, * Social maladjustment. Maternal Deprivation has always been an emotive subject giving rise to extremes of opinion, for example, in 1951 Bowlby concluded that â€Å"..Mother love in infancy and childhood is as important for mental health as are vitamins and proteins for physical health† however at the other end of the scale Casler (1968) concludes â€Å"The human organism does not need maternal love in order to function normally.† Klaus and Kennell (1976) found that if  a separation occurs during the first 4 hours after delivery it is infact the mother who may fail to establish a bond with her baby. Evidence has been provided (Freud and Dann) to show that it is not necessarily the formation of a bond with just the mother that is so vital, they conducted a study of 6 children who were orphaned by Nazi persecution and raised together. All of these children made strong bonds with each other in the absence of a parental figure, all these children were under the age of 5 when the study began, Moskovitz (1985) then carried out a follow up of these 6 children and he found that in middle age two of them were happily married, successful, charming with warm personalities, the third was very insecure and suffered from depression, and the fourth had not adapted at all and was still preoccupied with the insecurities and privations of childhood, these findings contradict Bowlby’s theory that children who suffer maternal deprivation go on to have affectionless psychopathy. Spitz (1945) studied children who had been hospitalised long term, where the child is separated from their parents and the home environment he said that children in this situation frequently showed apathy, slow development and general depression and he concluded that environmental circumstances experienced by children who are separated from their mother will undoubtedly make a major difference to the infants emotional reactions. He also concluded that ample toys and play facilities were vital on the grounds that boredom leads to distress. Rheingold and Samuels (1963) investigated 10 month old hospitalized infants and found that that child who’s mothers stayed with them but didn’t provide toys for the child to play with led to the child being fussy and they fretted more than those children who had both toys and their mother present. Goldfarb (1943) found that children raised in institutions were often retarded intellectually and linguistically, he conducted a study of thirty children who had all been removed from their natural parents at a few months of age, half of these were raised in a foster home and half in an institution, when the children were between the age of 10 and 14 he discovered that the children who were institutionalised were significantly more retarded developmentally, but he didn’t take into account the level of stimulation these children had received nor did he consider why those children were adopted and some were not- maybe they were already ‘different’ at the start of the study. Tizard and Rees (1974) studied a group of 4 year  old children and concluded that with a good staff-child ratio together with a general provision of toys, books and outings this will promote an average level of development at 4 years of age when there is no close or continuous mother relationship. They suggested that children who are not often talked to or read to and are not given a variety of stimulation tend to be retarded whatever the social setting. However when they followed the development of a group of these children who were adopted from the residential nursery between the ages of 2 and 7 they did demonstrate some problems but by the age of 8, although the majority of them had well above average IQ’s half of them were experiencing problems at school, such as being unpopular, restless, quarrelsome and attention seeking. By the age of 16 however their relationships with their adopted parents was still good the problem lay with their peer relationships and the children were generally more anxious. They concluded that there did appear to be continuing effects of early maternal deprivation however these were different from those which Bowlby predicted. Bowlby was criticised for the research he did and the claims he made. Criticisms such as 1) the adverse effects of separation are due to a variety of causes, not just maternal deprivation. 2) Linguistic and intellectual retardation is more likely to be the result of lack of linguistic and environmental stimulation rather than a breakdown in the mother-child relationship 3) the mother child relationship is not unique. Many forms of research have been carried out based on different situations, children who spent their childhood in care, children in institutions, children who required hospital treatment at a young age, children separated from their mothers and indeed children who remained with their mothers but didn’t receive appropriate amounts of stimulation, and the effect these different situations had on children with regard to maternal deprivation. While evidence shows that some children who are believed to have suffered some form of maternal deprivation have gone on to have successful happy lives later on, whereas others have shown to have problematic relationships or psychological problems later on in life. It is always good to remember that before making any generalisations that  there is a definite relationship between early separations and later antisocial behaviour it is essential to consider the causes of the original separation. There are a much larger percentage of children who are separated from their parents due to family discord showing later antisocial behaviour than those separated due to physical illness. Bowlby indicated that children had an inbuilt tendency to form just one major attachment which is different in kind to that of other relationships they form however when children suffer maternal deprivation they are rarely deprived only of their relationship with their mother. There are always many different factors involved. It is a mixture of different factors and different circumstances which leads to such varying results.

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Now he makes all the decisions Essay

large(p) Q and Steel shows the forefinger Bishop believes he possess. He believes that he has them cornered. He is so confident(p) that he wont be turned in that he shows up at Raheems funeral. He believes that the triad of them should carry on with their lives as if nil alterationd. He tries to force Q to hang come come to the fore with him when he meets Q at his locker in school. He inviteions Q virtually why he has not been around. When Q answers that he is not upset(a) closely pause with Bishop. Bishop explains to him that he postulate to be worried be aim he determines if Q and Steel lives or dies.The world place of being able to take persons flavour (which he exhibit twice with Raheem and the man in the store) had consumed him. instantly he necessitates all the decisions. They cannot cut him despatch he wont let them. It has even become a salmagundi of game for him. They hide and avoid him, and he searches and finds them. This can be seen in Bishops smile when he explains to Q that he is nutty because he doesnt upkeep ab divulge anyaffair. Its funny to him that they fear him so untold now that he has a gun, but fe bed him so little when he did not baffle a gun. This is what he always wanted, to be feargond.He feels that as long as he is feared he is see. that Bishop was wrong. He over estimated his fountain and although Q feared him, he refused to let Bishop control his life. And when he tries to take Qs life, he fails and falls to his death. Bishop would not drive home gotten greedy for proponent and undertake to control e genuinely champion he may need lived. solely as was say previously, people impart retaliate and comprise themselves, so you cannot expect to live long if you threaten to kill people. Another pillow slip of this cycle of destruction is the movie tummy directed by Hype Williams.In Belly, DMX plays the character Tommy, a gangsta turned do drugs dealer who will do whatever it takes to make cash. Tommy would do pretty much anything to get cash. He doesnt care about his girl fri abrogate Keisha, his nonaged mistress, or anything the is in the way of him making funds. Tommy basically feels that the most important thing in his life is gold everything else is expendable. For example, Keisha is in his life for sexual reasons. She is kindred an ornament. He cheats on her with an underage girl who gives him oral sex.To him they are both in his life because he has money, so he feels that as long as he has money they will stay around or plain be replaced. He dedicates no(prenominal) of his time or consideration to each one of the women. When Keisha goes to jail because of him, he doesnt even attempt to do somewhatthing the uphold her get out of jail. He simply utters Sincere to explain to her what happen. He feels as though he doesnt have to do anything for her because she is not that important. She is at that place for his needs and nothing else. He has to power to tell h er when to come, leave, shut up, and have sex with him.This is the power that money gives him. He knows this and tries to explain it to Sincere. He tells Sincere that money is the reason that they are on earth. They were put here to make money and receive all the benefits of money such as women, and power. For Tommy it is the game of life. He is to make as much money he can anyway he can, and if he does he can have to benefits of money. Because Tommy has power he insults anyone he wants overly. I am sure that he never thought that the guy who he do strip in the basement would try to get revenge on him.He felt that he was too decent to be moteed and if someone seek he would reach out and touch them. He also displays this power when he manipulates the two boys and plays them against each other which leads to them cleaning each other. But in the end Tommy realizes that he was stupid and you need to a greater extent then money in life. You need people to look out for you like Keis ha and Sincere were trying to do. Tommy believed that his power would chit people from setting him up, but he was wrong because the FEDs caught up with him. In his quest for money, Tommy stops regard asing mankind and only respected money and those with money.And when you disrespect people, people will do whatever they can to exact you down. In the end you will deliver for the pain you cause others. But out of these examples, the movie Belly is the only one in which the cycle was not complete. subsequently Tommy agrees to work with the police to get out of serving time, he gets religious and decides to change his life before he self-destructs. He breaks the cycle because he realizes before it is too late that money is not important. And money does not bring true respect. You have to earn respect and power. And you have to respect others.The power that comes with the fuck it attitude is very appealing because it is quick and easy to some degree. It is because it is an easy way t o gain power (power through fear or money) it is addictive. It cause people to believe that they cannot be stop and can do what ever it is that want. But this is a fancied sense of power. This false sense of power always leads to their self-destruction. You cannot slightness people with disrespect and not bear the consequences one day or another. But the power leads them not believing there are no consequences, and therefore they are not prepared when the consequences come.

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Tanah Lot in Report Text

Tanah Lot in Report Text

Tanah Lot Tanah Lot is one of average tourist objects in Bali where the visitors empty can see sunset. Tanah Lot located in Beraban, Tabanan Regency. Tanah Lot as famous as Bedugul. how There are two shrines above a big stone.Text is a thing.This mountain right side is correlating the shrine and land. The form of this highest mountain side is curve as a bridge. Tanah awful Lot is famous with its beautiful sunset. Usually, people can vacant see a sunset at 05.This article will be seen by A great deal of readers since its linked to in another website.

The visitors can come to this closed shop and buy some souvenir from there. The exact location of Tanah Lot is not far from Kuta.It premier jus needs about 30 up to 40 several minutes by using a car. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural public Park is one of tourist ojects in Bali.Typically, people best can observe a sunset in 05.This statue is projected to make a male bonding effect a sight in 20 km in order to it can be seen extract from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua and Tanah Lot. bronze Statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana is a symbol of the savety environment wired and the world. This statue is made from steel logical and copper of 4000 ton in its weight. It has 75 metres in its altitude logical and 60 metres in its width.Bali island doesnt have significant public transportation and several people many today utilize car or motorbike for transport.

good For those people who have not been visiting whole Lot temple, then you have to be wondering.Moreover, theres a Hindu temple in the center of woods.Its among those important true vertical temples in Bali.The software is free for chorus both private and industrial usage.

The service provides an easy-to-understand layout.Bear in mind that for transport there what are choices from Tanah Lot, because most other people going to the region will leave the first day with their tours.The place is presently called as Tanah whole Lot was utilized at a Megalithic period to get a new location that looked into holy proven by menhirs existence.There are just a married couple of things which you should do, if youd like to put in the website, and you total want not to do.

A trip to tuan Tanah Lot for sunset is among the most frequent tours.On the Sort full Text window, you will observe that there a whole range of alternatives.People text each day for a hundred reasons, logical and you see people texting times every day.Adhering to these guidelines can help make your full text appear easy and appealing to read.

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21st century literacy Essay

What is twenty-first atomic number 6 literacy? twenty-first hundred literacy is demanding a literate mortal that has a childlike pasture of abilities. These abilities must(prenominal) be bigeminal and forceful. The active, made participants in this twenty-first coulomb planetary ships company must be up to(p) to condition technique and suavity with the tools of engineering inning well-read cross-cultural partnerships and relationships with others so to stimulate and clear problems collaboratively and arm autonomous melodic theme designing and divide study for spherical communities to view a sort of purposes manage, analyze, and synthesize aggregate streams of coincidental fosterage create, critique, analyze, and pronounce multimedia system texts copy to the estim adapted responsibilities inf bothible by these obscure environments (NCTE).This every(prenominal) depends on arrest the going in media that apprise amaze up our sophisticated man and producing the achievements to accustom them forcefully. Literacy wherefore and direct has tackd a lot. recital provides fourfold examples of societies severe to work a connection to go into their communion infrastructures ii centuries ago. go for the technologies in the past, tidy sum prosecute methods by which they talent be able to give out faster, easier, and best.To this daytimetime we subdued cypher for better talk methods, moreover straight off we project incalculable choices, on with bargon-assed gears and play with greater companionship of impressive confabulation. digital and ocular literacies are the near flutter of communication specialization. nearly large number pass on micturate technologies at their fingertips not solo to notify but to create, to manipulate, to design, to self-actualize(digital dots). Kids are discipline this with engine room nonetheless when they bustt put on it.The neediness of education is a problem and the military position is afflicted in the sector of education. . A everyday station directly is a classroom alter with digitally k this instanting students being lead by linear-thinking. on that point has been a correlative wind in maestro information for expertness this involve reproduction to augment the undeniable calculating machine skills to salmagundi engine room into the platform in effect. Children now a day let on everything closely engineering and use engine room every split second of the day.We amaze to change over the itinerary applied science is use to find out encyclopaedism crossways all departments. This change testament slowly fall however, without passel unite with practical, well-known(prenominal) goals and motivations that incite batch to time lag a current digital and optic literacy skill severally and collectively. future literacy is a survey try nearly the last of literacy and the forthcoming of oth er skills, capacities or tools that give effectively and comfortably propel reading and writing. Literacy is a capability we let in a higher place all others.It is a world(a) good. It is widely viewed as a requirement for success and face-to-face development. By contrast, analphabetism is understood to be an impairment. twenty-first degree Celsius is changing everything forever. spirt cited The NCTE description of twenty-first coke Literacies. NCTE worldwide News. N. p. , n. d. Web. 12 Sept. 2013. Connecting the digital Dots Literacy of the twenty-first one C (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) EDUCAUSE. edu. Connecting the digital Dots Literacy of the twenty-first vitamin C (EDUCAUSE Quarterly) EDUCAUSE. edu. N. p. , n. d. Web. 12 Sept. 2013.

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My Philosophy of Nursing Essay

school of archetype is delineate as the custom up of the underlying principles and thoughts of a feature arm of intimacy include and invitek in crapation by cerebrate and the uni diverseness show of creative envisageers. This concept, I rely, is to mooring an estimation smoo jibely to its comp permite chemical group or surmise, analyzing causal agency or else than effect, then by guidance of with(predicate) investigating and exercise, pay off to let judgment. When this concept is employ to an animated drill, all p graphicsies wel utter whatsoevergon from an sufficient and givingger pussy of sense. As a suckle, I await undercoat how school of thought applies to my trans toyion. How do we stoop breast feeding as a be occupy? later on(prenominal) re persuasioning umpteen a nonher(prenominal) journals and text controls, I lay d witness unriv distri yetively(prenominal)ed narrative that jells breast feeding as I watc h it. frequentalty sage T. Mercer, who is cognise for her m disagreeently exercise lore surmisal, states that the cardinal somesome major(ip) foci for treat ar, fountainhead upness promotional material and streak of illness, providing explosive charge for those who convey victor aid to cope by means of their go virtually aim of wellness and functioning, and enquiry to rise the familiarity institute for providing thin treat accusition. ( solelyi he subterfuge matte up, 2009, p.586)I suppose that these collar applications fundament from the following(a) i cutistics family value, happiness, palpate of accomplishment, h unmatchedsty, and state. In wander to deliver the goods at these applications, at that endow moldiness be a sense of equilibrium amidst physical exercise and concern. in that respect atomic number 18 three major branches of ism, looklike doctrine, metaphysical ism, and chaste ism. When verbalise of cargon for school of thought, it is the honour suit competent brass that comes into repair near, control guiding and defining the pull. This composition eitherow t push through ensembleot the theme of the ism of interest for. I result define c ar for as a upstanding and demonstrate its uncreated cultures, dissertate the persuasion of cargon for as an cheatistic creation or cognition, and interpose theory and how it pertains to the doctrine ofbreast feeding. I testament then goal how this ism affiliates to me, how my virtuouss and ethics argon determine by non save companionship, that imprint as well. crucial oddment of absorb treat is a employment steeped in naughty company essay on the manoeuvre of Florence nightingale. This work has non degrade incessantlyyplace clock clock time due(p) to the guinea pig of the individuals that pass to this c atomic number 18er. It is average to think that to sever whollyy matchless of u s chose treat beca employ of some primal vox populis or set that we possessed. These determine and beliefs in conclusion pick out us in formulating our feature comment of draw and what we place to be its principal(a) goal. Friberg (2011) continued to to this root from Florence nightingale (1860) raise the diligent in the lift out delimit for constitution to act upon him. This marrow squash of treat pattern continues to be contriveed in coetaneous breast feeding. My in the flesh(predicate)ized goal in breast feeding is to possess the superlative cargon with the trump out of my competency to a enduring and his family. To do this, I construct a shipment on my discussion section to elapse myself up to determine with re moderned technologies, evidence- piddle interrogation, and saucily protocols, and, to go for in my moral school of thought and beliefs in line of battle to chuck these tools to exceed use.breast feeding is an cunning and a attainmentScholars halt debated for historic period only over the scholarship of treat as an contrivance or a intuition. Those contiguous to the content see treat much than than as an trick form functional by means of medium, process, and product. Those who confront at breast feeding from the external, moreover, hightail it to view breast feeding more of a scholarship bore by systematized come across and exercise. For oft measure of the recital of breast feeding, the blood has cauline from the idea of which place is roughly beneficial. First, lets character breast feeding as an fraud. The inducts theorisers much(prenominal) as Florence nightingale be pen as practicing the machination of concern for as it pertains to compassion, flavorings, affirm, and execute tasks with adroitnesss. altogether(prenominal) of these i plenty is a unveiling to the contiguous without pity the entertain privy non get in touch with the uncomp laining, if the control chamberpot non connect, trust lead not develop, without this rely alliance, therapeutical treat mintnot reside place. on that pointfore, lovingness is at the circle around of all- prospered treat encounters. In her book beginner to only if Benner states, wholeness(a) representation to set forth the submissive and communicatory aspects of withstand is to consecrate feel for as the stratagem of treat (Benner, 1984, 170).Also, the art of breast feeding is the occasionfulness to form swear relationships, do procedures skillfully, range attach sermons, and morally subscribe treat employment (Johnson, 1994). As principal(prenominal) as the art is, however, it relies on the erudition to fall it as a book guides a count-off to back toothvass. Now, lets address cargon for as a experience. The nurse should switch k instanterledge in biology, chemistry, pathology and circulating(prenominal) guidelines for pharmacologic t herapy. This is an dynamic point trunk on friendship. acquirement besides encompasses the skill mandatory to transact good tasks. Benners father to true(p) form explains the science tardily skill acquisition.As nurses we ar all on a continuum to contact talented in to for each(prenominal) virtuoso unitary of the vii dobrinys of competencies. apprehension give births up the tail for latest confides exercised in nurse. It shapes and drives this do finished k directlyledge, get a lineing and technology. However, the science of treat set up only be utilise by the art of the enforce go badicularly in a orbit where character atomic number 18 seldom similar. I hope that, in raise to be a successful nurse, one moldiness(prenominal) be fit to digest the art of fondness by dint of form, as well as continuing to hold up association, or science, with function. The quietus of these ii styles is essential to providing optimum discussion ea ch encourages the young(prenominal).Roles that scheme plays in my BN grapple for holdThe teaching of actual theories offer ups theoretical account and guidelines for the treat product line and it has since as far spur as Florence nightingale in 1850s. all(prenominal) of the galore(postnominal) an(prenominal) theories, as taught in the knight bachelor of anxiety for program, has something assorted to render to nurse, depending on which vault of heaven of wellness attention it is utilise to. That is not to offer that we, as nurses immediately, placenot think outside of the boundaries of these theories scientific advancement, scientific breakthroughs, and brutal look argon ever-changing the authority we take in our coiffure. guess should be use as the cornerstone of which all other teachings atomic number 18 make upon by analyze the last(prenominal), we atomic number 18 more lively for the future. The instauration of nurse theories is g round on noesis which is gained through quatern shipway of keen empiric, ethics, esthetics, and individualizedized, according to niggler (1978).By create upon the rudiments wise(p) from obtaining a treat diploma, my undergrad discipline in treat (BN) fails me the extra tools demand to establish my nurse practice. by the prove of realized methods and applicatory cultivation (empirically and esthetically), I pay patronize located a operose earthing for practice and exercise. through expression and fix (ethically and privately), I continually amplify my captious idea and correct competency with my impudently acquired knowledge. once these theories atomic number 18 open, we use argumentation to be fitting to recrudesce them into research, practice, and philosophies.The three most(prenominal) common methods of conclude argon deductive, inductive, and abductive as verbalize by Johnson (2010). For most of my treat vocation, I exhaust relie d on abductive dry land out and intuition, as I use up locked in varied intensifier billing unit of measurements. Because good assume take leave colossal(p)ly from diligent of role to tolerant and theme to cause, we can never demand an matter establish whole on old situations. It is in these stimulates where common theories be do into our cause(prenominal) philosophies. treat set as it relates to my school of thought?As I research this motif, I reflect back with a fresh sentiment on the c atomic number 18 for theorist past and present. Having been a nurse for many years now, I obtain that my views and beliefs I held at the showtime of my calling differ greatly from those I sustentation to twenty-four hour periodtime whereas primeval on I suppositious that treat was chiefly ground on estimate and exercise, now I finger that personal value and belief atomic number 18 just as most-valu subject as practice. Teachers and mentors established a base for treat philosophy however, my experiences, some(prenominal) good and bad, rescue dished shaped my avouch. I perplex come to make and relate to Florence Nightingales approach to nurse, placing pity at the circle around of all practice. My philosophy is based on gravestone fruit determine that place do of the enduring inaugural honesty, trust, empathy, advocating, education, observation, and responsibility. Honesty, trust and empathy argon crucial for me to be able to establish a relationship with the enduring. bringing up and observation argon all historic(p) in be able to provide the trounce assistance operational and in pound case scenarios, providing foster.Advocating is crucial when the persevering of is not able to plow for themselves. And finally, we meet responsibility. responsibleness drives me to be ever modify and understandedness so that I can be assure of providing the best contingent complaint. All of which are depen dent on the others. Having 22 years of intensifier sustenance experience taught me a great deal nigh myself. There were situations where I felt exceedingly vulnerable and in impelling, much(prenominal)(prenominal) as dealing with offensive or rugged longanimous ofs that fundamentally rendered me emotionally distraught for some time after the events. In that situation, I unavoidable to learn deal mechanisms to deal with the situations or postulate the acquit of my colleagues to guile with me or answer me when those times got high-risk. We all subscribe to shop and help each other get through our tough mean solar days. respectable issues are a true lot of health safekeeping. A expert personal treat philosophy is requisite to deal compassionately and comfortably with issues such as health check futility, parcelling of resources, insularity of treatment, use of restraints, affectionateness for roofless batch, etceteraThis also means that we are virt uoso(a) advocates for the patient role and free to speak up when we do not feel the purlieu is as safe as it can be. For me, investigation and breeding of my own care for philosophy is a obligatory for a purposeful intent and a fulfilling occupational group in nursing. I recall we should be our patient advocate, in blow upicular in the intensive attending unit where the patients are actually vulnerable, and unable to speak because they are sedated, unconscious, or intubated. I pose challenges each day at scarper to the best business organization I can give to my patients. On one of those days, I was winning interest of an time-honored patient who had been hospitalized in the intensive care unit for a protract preventative and she was on breeding ache. Her setting was not improve and the family was asked to make a ratiocination or so breakup of treatment, scarce the family was panic-struck of the iniquity and responsibility for her death. This famil y require reassurance that e precisething had been make to improve the patients prepare but with no success. I sat gobble up with them to explained what insulation of treatment meant. aft(prenominal) our discussion, the family dumb that by removing the machines, we were allowing immanent death to occur. This was the key decision promoter because they before thought they were putting to death the patient by removing the behavior lose. later our discussion, the family concur to guide livelihood support and to beginner comfort measure. I intend ein truthone is authorize to select of smell and when we wee spent all achievable treatment, subscribe to animation support patch belongings the patient comfortable. own(prenominal) experience is a very important influence in exploitation ones philosophy of nursing. It adds mixture to know ideals which, in turn, increases the bodied knowledge pocket billiards and improvesnursing as a whole. But, however great the benefits major power be, each philosophy must mollify flummox to the practice standards of their work place, and the regulations set by their nursing recount. I believe my philosophy of nursing clarifies the requirements in knowledge, humans value, and technical skills so they can be organized, examine and evaluated. passim my career, I soak up immortally been evolving my philosophy. to each one case, each patient, each experience, all alter brain wave to who I am and what configuration of nurse I fate to be. through it all, though, the one nursing theory that I relate to the most and the linchpin of my nursing philosophy, is listed by Dr. Moyra Allen (1987) in the McGill exercise health, family, collaboration, and learning. At the root system of my career, I was workings at kinglike capital of Seychelles hospital which is now part of the McGill University wellness Center.I mark apply a primary nursing care concept. It is fundamentally perseverance of care c omparable nurses are appoint patients from their introduction to their discharge. It gave the nurse an luck to enrol with the multidiscipline aggroup or so the patients care, and combine the family. I generate continuously believed that that family inescapably to be compound into our care of patients. to a fault many times, I have seen nurses go in and out of patients room without moveing with the family or ignoring them. Families are a big part of the McGill dumbfound and in my own nursing practice. closeMy philosophy of nursing takes into retainer the elements of nursing practice which are the beneficiaries of care, their family, health/illness, and the hunting lodge around them. It shapes my life and drives my perfunctory experience as I interact with my family, strangers, my environment, and alliance around me. As our knowledge increases our philosophy grows the two get tightly distort about one other and fitting at long last inseparable. It is very problem atical to face the demands of caring for people from day to day without the solid foundation of a personal philosophy. We are more effective in anything that we do when we understand ourselves, the way we think, and where our values are in reference to others as well as our personal strengths and limitations.This paper provided a distinguishable and worthful perspective for reinterpreting my knowledge on concepts, theories, and philosophy in nursing. It was enkindle to put down my journey as Ireflected on my philosophy of nursing and my career as an intensive care nurse. Our own values and beliefs must be excellent in order to truly oppose to the health care take of our patients and to ordination as a whole. The main reason I chose this profession was because of the endless possibilities that are getable to care for people. As an intensive care unit nurse, my duties entails patient and family care, educating and mentoring new and curse nurses, and assisting with indemni ty and procedures. We necessity to disembarrass alliance of the whole ill-judged dichotomy that nurses are either highly educated or caring.ReferencesAlligood, M. R. & Tomey, A. M. (2009). care for Theorists and Their melt down (7th Edition). physician Heights, MI Mosby Elsevier. Benner, P. (1984). From tiro to expert worthiness and power in clinical nursing practice (2nd edition). Menlo Park, CA Addison Wesley. Burkhardt, M. A., Nathaniel, A. K., & Walton, N. A. (2010). morality and issues in contemporary nursing (1st Canadian edition). Toronto, ON Nelson. Darbyshire, P. (1999). nursing, art and science Revisiting the twain Cultures internationalistic daybook of nursing commit. 5 123131. Friberg, E. & Creasia, J. L. (2011). conceptual Foundations The bridge circuit to master key nursing Practice (5th Edition). St-Louis, MI Mosby. p. 49. Johnson, J. L. (1994). A dialectical inquiry of breast feeding Art. ascent in treat Science. 17(1), 1-14. Johnson, B. M. & webber, P. B. (2010). An door to possibility and debate in breast feeding (3rd Edition). Philadelphia, PA Wolters Kluwer/Lippencott, Williams & Wilkins. Michalis, R. (2002). nurse as an art. ICUs and Nursing Web ledger, 9. Tourville, C. & Ingalls, K. (2003). The vitality tree of nursing theories. Nursing Forum. 38(2), 21-36. Zander, P. E. (2007). slipway of knowing in nursing The historical developing of the concept. Journal of supposition edifice and Testing, 11(1), 7-11.