Monday, July 22, 2019

Fictitious Business Description Essay Example for Free

Fictitious Business Description Essay The main purpose of this study is to discuss the importance of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in Castle’s Family Restaurant. We are therefore going to discuss on the HR problems in Castle’s Family Restaurant and how the implementation of HRIS will enable the company to reduce costs together with ensuring efficiency in HR operations (Randall S. Susan E. 2007). Business assessment Castle’s Family Restaurant in Northern California is the business to be assisted. It is large in size since it runs several branches in different locations and also has over 300 employees and this makes it to be a company. Depending on the size of the business, I have in my description assumed that Castle’s Family Restaurant is a since it has many employees and many branches. This assumption is based on the background of restaurant work environment and industry. Based on the basic theory of business complexity and getting work done restaurants should employ many workers to ensure that work is done efficiently like in the case of Castle’s Family Restaurant. Identified problems In the review of the HR of Castle’s Family Restaurant, I have noted the following: I have discovered that business does not have a human resource manager rather the operations manager served as HR manager. The company has not implemented HRIS which is important in monitoring the employee’s performance (Randall S. Susan E. 2007). It is therefore evident that the HR is experiencing problems since the HR manager is unqualified and had so many duties to handle which is quite tiresome for him. Some of the functions of a HR include manpower planning, recruitment and training of employees, hiring employees and monitoring employees to ensure high performance. In my analysis I will focus much on monitoring of employees performance which will help me design a business plan. The main reason for focusing on this HR function is because the company seems to have failed in its implementation of HRIS which could be useful in reducing the HR managers travel time and travelling costs and that is why the HR manager has to travel to the branches to monitors employees performance. According to the resource-based theory of Human Resources, strategic management of the company resources leads to its success (Randall S. Susan E. 2007). Increase in the costs incurred by the company is wastage of company resources since a better method can be implemented to reduce these costs and improve company’s performance. HRIS needs assessment According to Michael J. Mohan T. (2008), HRIS is an online solution used by Human Resources to enter data, track data and manage accounting and payroll functions of the company. The main purpose of implementing HRIS in a company is to reduce the manual workload in HR administrative activities through tracking existing workers. Implementation of this software will create a more efficient process from the HR in the sense that it will help the HR manager to manage information about the employees, analyze employee information, manage resumes and new applications and also complete payroll integration with other financial accounting software in the company (Michael J. Mohan T. 2008). Automating all HR functions saves a lot of time and resources and hence increasing efficiency in HR operations as suggested by the resource-based theory of Human Resources. By implementing HRIS in Castle’s Family Restaurant, the HR manager will not have to travel to all company branches to monitor and answer employees questions rather he will perform his duties in his office. All questions that need to be answered will be answered through this software. Application or implementation of HRIS in Castle’s Family Restaurant will therefore enable the HR manager to complete all of his tasks in a cost-effective manner. Conclusion As a HR consultant, I would advise Castle’s Family Restaurant to implement HRIS as this software will solve much of the HR problems and hence leading to reduced costs and improved HR efficiency. Implementation of HRIS will make the company to effectively use it resources for better operations.

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