Thursday, July 25, 2019

Signature assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Signature - Assignment Example Additionally, I have gained the ability to identify, which articles and case studies are appropriate to analyze in relation to the questions asked in the course. By so doing, I have acquired verse knowledge and skills to help me in the future when am entered with a situation, which requires me to carry out research. The work that I did in class was in relation to identifying different research methods and analyzing results. However, in the work that I did, it is clear that it was more of the analysis of what the authors had done in the research rather than the indicating further explanation of the understanding of the topic or the research method itself. Therefore, in order to improve the work I did in class I would critically evaluate the research method itself and identify the areas that the method is used. Secondly, I would give different opinions on the method indicating how different authors have understood each research method. Thirdly, by using the case studies given I would include the discussion part in the essay to indicate how the research was conducted. By so doing, it will give me a better understanding of the concepts that have been provided in the articles. This will further increase the understanding of the relevant issues involved in the research including good ethical consider ations that are required for every research that is conducted. The topic on Meta-analysis as a research method was a challenge to me, as I did not quite understand how two different aspects were combined to produce results of an issue. This aspect of meta-analysis was confusing because in the study, that I researched on the case study was recent and the one that was combined with the first study was done a long time ago. Seeing that there have been changes not only in technology, but also in other sectors, it is may be correct to say that the data would be compromised. Additionally the meta-analysis research method requires a person who understands the complexity

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