Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Scholarship Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Scholarship - Essay Example I love exploring new cultures and studying their ways which I am unaware of. To date, I have been to various countries and have frequently had interaction with culturally diverse people from different parts of the world. I love being in a multicultural society and that happens to be one of the many reasons why I am applying to the universities in UK. I chose the programme of Radiography Diagnostic Imagery because in addition to being a wonderful academic programme for laying the basis of a professional career, but also the university it is offered in is located in a city that is conventionally known for the cultural diversity of citizens. I foresee many advantages of pursuing this course specially in this university one of which is that I would have least inconvenience finding myself residence or becoming part of the mixed tapestry that constitutes culturally diverse population. It was right after I participated in the internship programme offered at the Medicare Hospital in Dubai, t hat I made up my mind to pursue my degree in Radiography Diagnostic Imagery. During my internship, I discovered a unique combination of art and science while technician skills were made use of to handle the technology. One thing that I particularly appreciate about this field of study is that the work is quite diverse in nature. I am fascinated by the mere thought of being called upon for the management of conventional radiography, ultrasound screening, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and radionuclide imaging and other areas that a Radiography Diagnostic Imagery Manager needs to take care of. Diversity in the areas of responsibility in this field motivates me to pay full heed to my studies and undertake the programme with full focus and attention. I specifically want to play key role in the diagnostic process, therefore, my interest is particularly in Radiography Diagnostic Imagery instead of Radiography and Oncology. To me, the ability to develop and analyze images that diagnose illnesses for patients is more of an emotionally satisfying factor than a scientific challenge. Although I greatly admire and acknowledge the value of providing the cancer patients with radiation treatment, yet the diagnostic side of work motivates me to adopt this as a profession. I think that this is one potential way of making my dream of helping people come true. I have always been an active participant in sports and all sorts of physical activities both within school and out of school. Throughout my years in school, I actively participated in quite a lot of physical activities that were arranged off and on in addition to the regular studies. Quite often, I have led the teams in football, badminton, and basketball. I generally manage to perform equally well in both individual and group activities, though teamwork is very motivating for me as I feel encouraged to become prominent with more effort and hard work. I love team work because it makes me feel like at home . I depend on others and they depend on me. Mutually, we develop a force that is irresistible and directed at the achievement of goals. Teamwork happens to be another factor that drives me towards this profession because the nature of work requires personnel to work in close collaboration and cooperation with one another. In diagnostics, I visualize myself as part of a team who work together to analyze the patient’s conditions to assess his/her diseases, develop a treatment plan and devise ways

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