Monday, July 29, 2019

Organisational Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Organisational Leadership - Essay Example information and technology and one which is highly knowledge oriented, is one of the most significant outcomes of the transformation from the industrial to information age. Such far-reaching changes have revolutionized the manner in which organizations were initially managed, thereby leading to evolution of novel leadership styles, and in the process have completely redefined the scope and impact of institutionalized power and authority within organizations, thereby influencing the manner in which such organizations operate and function in the knowledge based post industrial developed economies. This paper seeks to discuss, analyze and explore the manner in which the leadership styles have transformed from the industrial age to the post industrial era, with the help of corresponding theories and models, and recent developments. In the industrial age the three critical factors of production included – land, labor and capital, however, the transition to the information age has added another crucial factor of production – â€Å"knowledge†. Knowledge revolution brought about by the development of new and state of the art technology which was previously unavailable to the leaders, have completely revolutionized the manner which organizations function and compete in the market place. Organizations such as Dell, Microsoft, Toyota, IBM, etc have excelled in this art, through sheer application of knowledge led leadership strategies. Automation – an outcome of technology, has facilitated the creation and development of highly skilled workforce, in the developed economies which is a vital factor of production and instrumental in redefining the human resource as mere labor – devoid of any critical skill and who are merely employed to follow the orders of their leaders, to a more know ledgeable and intellectual workforce who are employed to generate input in the form of ideas that can help the management in overcoming various organizational setbacks – both internal

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