Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tourism Policy & Stratgy - deconstruct a piece of tourism policy Essay

Tourism Policy & Stratgy - deconstruct a piece of tourism policy - Essay Example The process of policy formulation entails integrated set of components. Usually it is of essence to understand what needs to be done and whether they are legally right. Task one- Philosophy Environmental policies After the European Union agreed to reduce its conservatory gas productions in 2008, it portrayed its responsibility to engage in the environment change campaign and to guide the world in determining how this might be organized (European Commission, 2000). The approved cut of twenty per cent from 1990 points by 2020, at the same time with a twenty percent renewable goal, was an important phase for the EU's environmental development and a pure indication to the rest of world that the European Union was set to take the action needed. This was achieved by meeting the Kyoto Protocol objective (European Commission, 2000). In this white paper, the company finds the correct balance between social, economic, and environmental plans to improve the positive influences that aeroplanes p roduces, while reducing the negative effects and meeting approved environmental standards (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp. 3. Par.1). They add that, the government will introduce immediately a plan to inspect how the environmental harms at Heathrow may be corrected (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp. 8. par. 2). ... In the thought of Litman (2003), the entire transport system needs a complete change of the technique used by the specialists in tackling difficulties. Glasgow Airport is situated within the local authority known as the Renfrewshire Council local authority and is supported by the Renfrewshire Local Plan (Michael, 2006). Local planning policies of the Renfrewshire Local Plan were approved in 2006. The plan recognises the worth of Glasgow Airport as a main component of the local and international economy, and aims at making provision for the working requirements and development within the airport to ensure its continuous development (Michael, 2006). The white paper provides a description of support for local air facilities and airport expansion. It further states that they expect all major airports create or update main plans, to take the White Paper’s consideration (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp. 4. par.3). The white paper states that the main priority is to make use of the pre sent runways at the main airports in South East. Besides that, they support the construction of two modern runways by 2030 in the South East (Fidgeon and Ritchie, 2005; pp.7 par.2). Local government planning directives The development framework is integral to the success of the development of the Community Policy Plan. For instance, the directives aim at raising the living standards of residents. This can be achieved through the encouraging business expansion in appropriate sites (Burnham, 2000). According to Richmond (2011), the Council will make sure that garbage collection and removal arrangements are established according to the principles of sustainability grounded on an order of

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