Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Now he makes all the decisions Essay

large(p) Q and Steel shows the forefinger Bishop believes he possess. He believes that he has them cornered. He is so confident(p) that he wont be turned in that he shows up at Raheems funeral. He believes that the triad of them should carry on with their lives as if nil alterationd. He tries to force Q to hang come come to the fore with him when he meets Q at his locker in school. He inviteions Q virtually why he has not been around. When Q answers that he is not upset(a) closely pause with Bishop. Bishop explains to him that he postulate to be worried be aim he determines if Q and Steel lives or dies.The world place of being able to take persons flavour (which he exhibit twice with Raheem and the man in the store) had consumed him. instantly he necessitates all the decisions. They cannot cut him despatch he wont let them. It has even become a salmagundi of game for him. They hide and avoid him, and he searches and finds them. This can be seen in Bishops smile when he explains to Q that he is nutty because he doesnt upkeep ab divulge anyaffair. Its funny to him that they fear him so untold now that he has a gun, but fe bed him so little when he did not baffle a gun. This is what he always wanted, to be feargond.He feels that as long as he is feared he is see. that Bishop was wrong. He over estimated his fountain and although Q feared him, he refused to let Bishop control his life. And when he tries to take Qs life, he fails and falls to his death. Bishop would not drive home gotten greedy for proponent and undertake to control e genuinely champion he may need lived. solely as was say previously, people impart retaliate and comprise themselves, so you cannot expect to live long if you threaten to kill people. Another pillow slip of this cycle of destruction is the movie tummy directed by Hype Williams.In Belly, DMX plays the character Tommy, a gangsta turned do drugs dealer who will do whatever it takes to make cash. Tommy would do pretty much anything to get cash. He doesnt care about his girl fri abrogate Keisha, his nonaged mistress, or anything the is in the way of him making funds. Tommy basically feels that the most important thing in his life is gold everything else is expendable. For example, Keisha is in his life for sexual reasons. She is kindred an ornament. He cheats on her with an underage girl who gives him oral sex.To him they are both in his life because he has money, so he feels that as long as he has money they will stay around or plain be replaced. He dedicates no(prenominal) of his time or consideration to each one of the women. When Keisha goes to jail because of him, he doesnt even attempt to do somewhatthing the uphold her get out of jail. He simply utters Sincere to explain to her what happen. He feels as though he doesnt have to do anything for her because she is not that important. She is at that place for his needs and nothing else. He has to power to tell h er when to come, leave, shut up, and have sex with him.This is the power that money gives him. He knows this and tries to explain it to Sincere. He tells Sincere that money is the reason that they are on earth. They were put here to make money and receive all the benefits of money such as women, and power. For Tommy it is the game of life. He is to make as much money he can anyway he can, and if he does he can have to benefits of money. Because Tommy has power he insults anyone he wants overly. I am sure that he never thought that the guy who he do strip in the basement would try to get revenge on him.He felt that he was too decent to be moteed and if someone seek he would reach out and touch them. He also displays this power when he manipulates the two boys and plays them against each other which leads to them cleaning each other. But in the end Tommy realizes that he was stupid and you need to a greater extent then money in life. You need people to look out for you like Keis ha and Sincere were trying to do. Tommy believed that his power would chit people from setting him up, but he was wrong because the FEDs caught up with him. In his quest for money, Tommy stops regard asing mankind and only respected money and those with money.And when you disrespect people, people will do whatever they can to exact you down. In the end you will deliver for the pain you cause others. But out of these examples, the movie Belly is the only one in which the cycle was not complete. subsequently Tommy agrees to work with the police to get out of serving time, he gets religious and decides to change his life before he self-destructs. He breaks the cycle because he realizes before it is too late that money is not important. And money does not bring true respect. You have to earn respect and power. And you have to respect others.The power that comes with the fuck it attitude is very appealing because it is quick and easy to some degree. It is because it is an easy way t o gain power (power through fear or money) it is addictive. It cause people to believe that they cannot be stop and can do what ever it is that want. But this is a fancied sense of power. This false sense of power always leads to their self-destruction. You cannot slightness people with disrespect and not bear the consequences one day or another. But the power leads them not believing there are no consequences, and therefore they are not prepared when the consequences come.

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