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William Shakespeare s Hamlet - Hamlet s Death - 1177 Words

William Shakespeare’s Hamlet has a multitude of not only characters, but also many different character scenarios going on as well. The play begins with us learning of the death of Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, and the marriage of Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, to her now ex brother-in-law Claudius. We later discover that the now king, Claudius, killed his brother and are left to question if he and Gertrude had been having an affair the entire time and whether Gertrude had a hand in King Hamlet’s death. Through two film depictions of the play, one directed by Kenneth Branagh and one starring Mel Gibson, we can see Gertrude being portrayed in that of a woman doing what she must and that of a promiscuous woman who is selfish. Gertrude’s†¦show more content†¦She might therefore have suspected him to be capable of murder in order to obtain her and the crown (which a marriage to her would assure him), but she has no such suspicions† (194). In B ranagh’s version, Gertrude plays the innocent role described by Smith much more so than that of the Gertrude of the film starring Gibson. While Branagh’s Gertrude seems to play the part of a happy wife, she also looks as if all her words and actions towards Claudius are forced, but her look upon Hamlet seems to be that of unconditional love. While both film versions depict Hamlet’s character well, Gertrude’s is not. Such as in Hamlet when Gertrude is met by Hamlet in her room and he begins discussing the way of his father’s death. Gertrude is portrayed as more of a lady with questionable morals when she kisses Mel Gibson in such a way a woman kisses her husband, which is not acted out in Branagh’s version. In this scene, Hamlet says: Look here, upon this picture, and on this, The counterfeit presentment of two brothers. See, what a grace was seated on this brow; Hyperion s curls; the front of Jove himself; An eye like Mars, to threaten and command; A station like the herald Mercury New-lighted on a heaven-kissing hill; A combination and a form indeed, Where every god did seem to set his seal, To give the world assurance of a man: This was your husband. Look you now, what follows: Here is your husband; like a mildew d ear, Blasting his wholesomeShow MoreRelatedDeath in William Shakespeare ´s Hamlet Essay585 Words   |  3 PagesIn the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet struggles with the abrupt death of his father at the hands of his uncle. It is in the very beginning of the play that Hamlet voices his opinion that death would be a peaceful release. But as the play progresses his attitude begins to slowly doubt the serenity in death. Hamlet had been surrounded by death but had yet to come face to face with it, escaping the lessons the world was trying to teach him. It is within Act 5 scene 1 that Hamlet has a directRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Hamlet : The Mystery Of Death Or Impossibility Of Certainty Essay1497 Words   |  6 PagesThe idea of madness in Shakespeare’s Hamlet is just as important of a theme as the mystery of death or the impossibility of certainty. Shakespeare uses the aspect of madness to delve into the issues of knowledge, and lack thereof. There are three apt ex amples which help explain on a deeper level how the issues of knowledge are represented in the madness of Hamlet, and also Ophelia. Firstly, Hamlet and the vast amount of knowledge he acquires, becomes uncertain and contradictory which inevitably leadsRead MoreEssay on Hamlet Metaphor1089 Words   |  5 Pagesconcept in a literary work. This is the case in William Shakespeares Hamlet, a revenge tragedy that continually depicts the vibrant metaphors of manifesting corruption and festering disease in order to auger the impending calamities in the state of Denmark. Throughout Shakespeares play, there are successive images of deterioration, decay and death. These images are skilfully accomplished through the use of metaphors of rotting and dead gardens. Shakespeare wonderfully creates these metaphors thatRead MoreHamlet Theme Of Death1278 Words   |  6 PagesBeyond the Wall of Death (A analysis of the theme of death in Hamlet, Acts 3-5) â€Å"The undiscovered country, from whose bourn No traveller returns, puzzles the will,† (Shakespeare 144 Act 3 scene 1 lines 86-87). The question that still plagues humanity today. What is after death, where do we go? No one of this earth can answer this question. In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the theme of death is one of the main themes of this famous play. The theme of death continues throughout the entireRead MorePerfect Idealism In Shakespeares Hamlet1631 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The play Hamlet is a fable of how the ghost of a slain king comes to haunt the living with disastrous consequences. A rancorous ghost and a brother s murder, lead the gloomy setting of Hamlet s Denmark. Hamlet story opens with an encounter between young Hamlet, his dad s ghost as well as the prince of Denmark. The ghost reveals to Hamlet that its murderer was his brother Claudius, who then rapidly wedded his widowed queen, Gertrude. As a result, the ghost presses Hamlet to seek vengeanceRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Hamlet - Sanity Vs. Insanity1742 Words   |  7 PagesEnglish IV Mrs. Joyner Sanity VS. Insanity â€Å"Hamlet represents the mid period of the growth of Shakespeare s genius, when comedy and history ceased to be adequate for the expression of his deeper thoughts and sadder feelings about life, and when he was entering upon his great series of tragic writings† (The World s Best Essays from the Earliest Period to the Present Time). Hamlet’s actions are entirely too extreme for him to be faking his insanity. Hamlet is constantly on the brink of insanity, orRead More hamlet metaphor Essay1073 Words   |  5 Pagesliterary work. This is the case in William Shakespearequot;quot;s Hamlet, a revenge tragedy that continually depicts the vibrant metaphors of manifesting corruption and festering disease in order to auger the impending calamities in the state of Denmark. Throughout Shakespearequot;quot;s play, there are successive images of deterioration, decay and death. These images are skilfully accomplished through the use of metaphors of rotting and dead gardens. Shakes peare wonderfully creates these metaphorsRead MoreHamlet, By William Shakespeare Essay1453 Words   |  6 PagesHamlet by William Shakespeare explores many aspects of mankind--death, betrayal, love, and mourning. Out of these, the most prominent theme in this play is death in the form of suicide. The main character, Hamlet, finds himself questioning the quality of life and the uncertainty of the afterlife once he discovers news of his father s death and the corruption in the kingdom that follows. Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover, is found dead later in the plot and is presumed to have committed suicide. In Hamlet’sRead MoreWilliam Shakespeare s Hamlet Essay902 Words   |  4 PagesTo be, or not to be; that s the question† (Act III, Scene 1, P.1127) is of the most widely circulated lines. As we all know, it is also the most important part of the drama, â€Å"Hamlet†, which is one of the most famous tragedy in the literature written by William Shakespeare between from 1599 to1602. The drama was written at the age of Renaissance that reflects the reality of the British society in sixteenth century to early seventeenth century. During that period, Britain was in the era of reverseRead MoreHamlet : William Shakespeare s Hamlet1259 Words   |  6 PagesOmar Sancho Professor Christopher Cook English 201-0810 Hamlet Paper 23 May 2016 Hamlet Character Analysis â€Å"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.†(Act 2, Scene 2, 239-251) Hamlet by William Shakespeare is one of the most famous plays written that conveys a multitude theme. But most predominant is the presence of Hamlet s obsession with philosophy of life, throughout the play Hamlet philosophy reviles his point of view love, loyalty, the importance of family and friends

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