Thursday, October 17, 2019

Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 11

Business - Essay Example As the Sjostrand and Tyrstrup (2001) reaffirm ‘leadership is all about managing creativity’. Thus, any new business needs to be conceptualized in terms of the changing paradigms of business environment. It is also important to identify factors and issues that would help meet the challenges with efficiency and unmatched proficiency. Hence, vision and mission of the business become intrinsic part of conceptualization of a business. Friendly Coffee Bar (FCB) would enter into this field with the express vision of being a one point service provider for quality coffee, prepared to satisfy the tastes of their customers ensuring adequate consideration to the environmental imperatives and social responsibilities. The mission statements of the Friendly Coffee Bar are designed to meet the needs and requirements of the customers through well planned strategy which would help fulfil the long term vision of the organization. Become the best service provider in the field of fresh coffee and deliver services in the hi-tech ambience providing relaxing environment with background music, television with headset, books and journal so that people can de-stress in comfort in short time. FCB would be a trendy, state of the art coffee shop that would provide quality and fresh coffee to its target customers. The outlet would also educate people about the qualities of the coffee from different laces and fine techniques of roasting coffee beans to generate the distinct aroma, thus establishing personal relationship with the customers. Special consideration would be paid to the needs and requirements of the customers. The formation of the shop would be a proprietorship enterprise under the service industry, specializing in soft drinks and beverages. Compliance under the state laws and local development agency would be followed, ensuring quality service at competitive prices. The fast changing socio economic

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