Friday, October 18, 2019

Political culture and public opinion, the media Essay

Political culture and public opinion, the media - Essay Example Another influential body towards the public opinion forming is the media. Through the media information about various governments, operations are made available to the citizens and thus resulting in a change in their ideas considering the information relayed. One major attribute of the "new media" age is the ability to facilitate interactions among citizens, public officials, and media personnel through communication technologies (Lasser, 2012). Citizens are now able to share their opinions and play more significant roles in political happenings and also a feel for their political existence is considered an example being call-ins in various televised news programs and thus democracy is not in a crisis. The senate’s handling of the Anita Hill controversy shows that the Congress and its members care less about the public opinion. This is due to the fact many women were shocked as Anita Hill`s allegations were not taken keenly by a Senate that was highly male

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