Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Cigarette smoking Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cigarette smoking - Essay Example Further, it showed that 17% of youth in university and colleges used tobacco products in 2011. It is significant to understand that cigarette smoking causes various illnesses. Therefore, unless Americans change the habit of smoking cigarette, they will eventually die because of the illnesses associated with the use of tobacco. Cigarette kills more American citizens than suicide, AIDS, illegal drugs, car accidents, and alcohol combined. For instance, cigarette smoking accounts for more than 80% of lung cancer mortalities. Cancer of the lungs is the main cause of deaths related to cancer in both women and men and is one of the difficult cancers to cure or treat. Apart from lung cancer, other health problems that cigarette smoking brings include stroke, bronchitis, and heart diseases. In addition, cigarette smoking can destroy a woman’s reproductive organs or even lead to infertility since the use of tobacco is associated with greater risk of miscarriage and decreased fertility. Cigarette smoking implies that the smoker will die young than those who do not smoke. For instance, the CDC found out that cigarette smoking shortened women smoker’s life by 14.5 years and male smokers by 13.2 years. Summarily, the effects of smoking are many in that they pose many health problems to the smoker by damaging all important body organs, which eventually leads to death. In order to curb the increasing rate of cigarette smoking, people should be educated to understand the risks of tobacco products.

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