Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Many Nations Native Americans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Many Nations Native Americans - Essay Example There is a group of Cherokee people that want to stay in their homelands spearheaded by Principal Chief John Ross. The opposition to the removal of the Cherokees was justifiable and was based on a valid argument. Initially, all the Cherokees were united in opposing the removal from their ancestral homelands. Even after the 1832 court ruling that Cherokees should be allowed to live in their ancestral lands, the government has not heeded. The land lottery that was enacted in 1830 is being implemented, where citizens of Georgia are the beneficiaries of the Cherokee’s land. The Cherokees attempted to fight for themselves with the government on the opposition. Despite some of the Cherokees having no hope in that they will regain their land, a group of them was totally opposed to the removal. One of the strong believers that the Cherokees should not be removed from their homeland was Principal Chief John Ross. He had support from the majority of the people. However, a rift among the people created instability to the Cherokee government. Various advantages helped the group that was opposed to the removal to be dominant and stronger. Firstly, under the Principal Chief John Ross they had a control of the Cherokee government. This means that rebels were thrown out of the government once they were known. Secondly, they were the majority; in this case, the people behind Principal Chief John Ross were much more than those that attempted to collaborate. This ensured that the rebellion became stronger. Thirdly, the elite among the Cherokees supported non-removal. These include Principal Chief John Ross, his brother among other leaders that were more enlightened. Despite their concerted efforts, the non-removal delegation was defeated because both the federal and state governments supported it. Upon the ratification of the Treaty of new Echota by the Senate, the battle was lost despite the push by Ross and his leadership. In

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