Monday, August 26, 2019

Buy me buy me Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Buy me buy me - Essay Example Less focus on the school commercialization does not indicate an end to it, rather it can be an indication of increases acceptance of this marketing practice. Molnar’s audience here is the district governemnt, educational institutes, parents and students. Molnar also impliedly communicates to the community and government at large. In the article we find a lack of governmental policies and their implication along with a similar blind conscience of community. By making this deficiency apparent in his article, Molnar emphasizes for the promotion of an active resistance on all levels. His persuasive argumentation is casting a strong glimmer of reprimand for the advertising industries. The objective of the article is to evoke an active resistance against the school commercialism and to make it clear that school commercialism has not disappeared yet. In the support of his stance against the prevailing misperception, as he clarifies that it may have only been due to the acceptance of increasing commercialization in educational institutes, as he mentions that "Of particular note again this year was the lack of voice in the education media on commercializing activity in schools" (Molnar and Reaves, 2001). The article’s purpose also is to jolt the authorities of educational institutes and the district governments to stir their ethical educational conscience. The school marketing is misleading the young generation and thereby jeopardizing the future of our country. Molnar aims to highlight the still prevailing unworthy cost of such commercialization, as was the case of Philio Morriss textbook program that was advertising smoking at a subliminal level (Molnar and Reaves, 2001). The article intends to evoke awareness in schools and institutions against the persuasive strategies of the industries, to make the institutes aware of the meager benefits and abundant

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