Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Case study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 40

Case Study Example It provides job rotation which overcomes the boredom of overspecialized work. It increases the responsibility, recognition and opportunity of the employees for achievement of their goals or objectives. The employers are able to retain the productive employees by offering flexible working conditions. The employers are able to attract the skilled and talented workers by providing flexible working hours and alternative working arrangement. The employees generally prefer to work with those organizations that provide perks and benefits to the organization. Google is considered as the best company to work for. It facilitates the employees to set their own daily work schedules. It promotes job sharing where more than one employee performs the job. Therefore the flexibility acts as an important element in motivating and retaining talented work force in the organization. Therefore it is beneficial for both the employers and the employees working in the organization (Lincoln and Kalleberg 40-45). Apart from the benefits of the alternative work arrangement, there are various negative consequences, the negative outcomes for the employers are training the employees, monitoring their work progress on a frequent or timely basis, performance evaluation etc. The training time is increased; it lowers the personnel utilization levels, the chance of error will be more. The financial cost also increases due to the changes in the job environment. The alternative work arrangement will encourage the baby boomers to stay in the organization which will restrict the entrance of new talented individual in the company. The flexibility and the benefit provided by the organization will prevent the baby boomers from leaving the organization. Therefore the productivity and the performance of the organization may be negatively affected. The negative outcome

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