Sunday, August 11, 2019

Personal Perspectives of Death and Dying Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Perspectives of Death and Dying - Essay Example Man doesn’t know from where he comes and doesn’t know when and where he goes. He has come to the world unknowingly and disappearing from the world knowingly. The only thing most of the people does not want in their life is death. I have accepted all the realities mentioned above and most of the times I hated to think about death since such thoughts about death will never give us the opportunity to concentrate in our mission on earth. For me, I came to the earth unknowingly and I strongly believe that some unknown force might have sent me to the earth for some mission. It is our duty to identify the mission and execute it successfully. I believe that once our mission is completed the force which sends us will call us back. Earth is not a permanent place for us and hence what all we received from the earth need to be dispose here itself before going for another mission at another place. In other words the material things which were acquired from the earth will not help us in our future assignment. I believe that the spirit does not have death and hence only the spiritual improvements will help us in our future missions. Those who work on spiritual things also along with other activities on earth will be the wise persons for me. Even though science and technology has advanced a lot, still it was not able to decode the secrets of life. Even the science and technology do not know where our spirit lies or what type of forces driving us. Religions and their teachings will have values till the science discloses the secrets of life and after death situations. Till then it is better not to question the beliefs of religions in my opinion. What is going to happen after death is a question which is unanswered so far and it will remain like that only for ever in my opinion. Religions have defined death and after death situations in their own views. Though most of the beliefs among religions are

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