Sunday, August 4, 2019

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Ability and talent A person's psychic, ESP, or telepathic abilities can't be judged by a single or a group of exercises. This ability develops through time and practice. So, if you don't do well the first time, don't feel bad, the exercises need to be practiced over and over. Be patient and you can expect to see an improvement in all your latent abilities over a period of time, not just in a few tries of guessing cards. Attitude The mind set and attitude at the time of the test are critical. It is important to maintain enthusiasm and interest when testing yourself because it has been found to make a difference. When a person begins to get bored, their score often times goes down. Meditation This helps to train your mind to focus. It’s very helpful to meditate before you start ESP exercises. The object of the process is two-fold; to relax the body and to subdue the thoughts that continuously traverse our mind. One never stops the mind completely, but one can achieve states of relatively long periods where the mind is silent. It is during these moments, no matter how brief they are, that we enter a state of the void, the null or nothingness. Start the counting from around 20 and imagine seeing the shape of each number as you count down. At one point you may disappear from the counting process and not be aware that you've done so. It’s OK, don't be concerned, its part of meditation. You can also say to yourself â€Å"deeper† and imagine your body drowning into deep state if counting requires too much effort. ESP Exercises 1. Using the ESP symbols, make your own card preferably 25, 5 for each symbol. Try to guess what the card is without looking. It’s always good idea to record your results to see if you’re making progress. If it helps, make the card distinct as possible and practice with fewer symbols until you feel comfortable. Also playing with different colors may help you differentiate better. 2. Get 3 cups and fill each cup with water, orange juice and milk. Either blindfold your eye or set up some kind of barrier where you can’t see the content of the cup, place hand directly over the cup and guess the content of each. Focus and try to feel the energy each liquid is exerting.

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