Thursday, August 22, 2019

View from the bridge Essay Example for Free

View from the bridge Essay The first presentations of the pair highlight it already with Eddie coming in from work and Catherine calling to Beatrice who is working in the kitchen. [Calling to the kitchen] Hes here, B.! This immediately emphasises the roles and stereotypes of The womens place is in the kitchen. Which obviously Miller wanted to present. Miller further presents the masculine and feminine roles with Beatrice, once hearing that her cousins are arriving that evening, panics about the appearance of the home. I didnt even buy a new tablecloth; I was gonna wash the walls - I was gonna wax the floors, [she stands disturbed] Miller emphasise Beatrices frenzy to highlight the role of women in that time even more to the degree that the male role, [Eddie] has to come in and save the day. Youre savin their lives, whatre you worrying about the tablecloth? Its an honour, B. Suppose my father didnt come to this country and I was starvin like them over there and I has people in America could keep me a couple of months? The man would be honoured to lend me a place to sleep. Beatrice then wells up with tears, complementing Eddie with angel; Godll bless you; you get a blessing for this! This shows that Eddie is the one who knows how to straighten things up in home and put things back into order. The role of a male. Beatrice and Catherine lay and dish out the meal then once the meal has finished, clear and wash the dishes, All whilst Eddie sits down and watched the work been done. This is very typical of the 1950s men and women roles and Miller plays with them, making the masculine role more evident and solid. When Beatrice and Eddie are together there is sometimes an air of tension which appears in imply that there is lack of sex in the relationship. [There is a slight pause and Eddie turns to Beatrice who has been avoiding his gaze] Eddie: What are you mad at me lately? Beatrice: Whos mad? Eddie: What worries you got? Beatrice: when am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie? This shows that the relationship between the two isnt as strong as a married couple should be. Eddie isnt living up to his expectations of a man, and giving Beatrice the feeling of being a complete wife. Eddie replies with I aint been feeling good. They bother me since they came Beatrice then fires back saying that the cousins have only been there for a couple of weeks where as Eddie hasnt been feeling good for three months. Eddie then retreats to himself with I dont know B; I dont want to talk about it. Eddie doesnt want to make an effort with trying to resolve this. He doesnt want to make an effort with Beatrice and he doesnt want to make an effort with the relationship. This can be said be a male trait, that when theres trouble with the missus, the first reaction is to avoid the situation and shut off. Through this way Miller presents another illustration of masculinity. When it comes to Catherine it is realised that Eddie takes quite an interest in her. With her appearance, behaviour and general relationship, making an effort to keep her under his wing, and when this starts to go wrong, he fights harder and harder to keep her there through different ways. Its already seen in the beginning in the play that Eddie is very concerned with Catherine through her dressing. I think its too short he says about a dress. I dont like the looks theyre givin you in the candy store. And with them new high heels on the sidewalk- clack, clack, clack. The heads are turnin like windmills These remarks express the way a father figure would say, which is thought about Eddie at first, and these comments are only looked at in an overprotective way. But as the play goes on, and situations arise that make Eddie to express his unlawful, latent love for Catherine, Eddie becomes more protective and aware of Catherines actions. For example when Eddie relises that there is obviously chemistry between Rooldfo and Catherine, he tells her to go take off her heels, causing her embarresment and looking small infront of Roldofo. Whats the high heels for, Garbo? I figured for tonight- Do me a favour, will you? Go ahead.

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