Saturday, September 7, 2019

A Practical Marketing Communication Report for Rolex and other Related Essay

A Practical Marketing Communication Report for Rolex and other Related Brands - Essay Example In addition, the proponent was also able to successfully draw comparisons with the strategies used by other less, or indeed more successful brands in the same category. It was found that the chosen brands were consistent in their message sourcing and establishment of their credibility. Rolex is aiming to create image and identity and promote as a brand for high-end users. However, Timex is consistent with its effort to create marketing communication that is associated with latest fashion trend models. On the other hand, Nordstrom is trying to establish a more focus strategy to differentiate its product offerings as specialty products for women with varying styles, options, needs and wants. More detailed explanations and implications of the elements used by Rolex in its marketing communication are discussed. Keywords: marketing mix, marketing communication, marketing, Rolex Table of Contents Page Abstract 2 Introduction 4 Discussion 4 Message sourcing and credibility 4 Establishment o f credibility 6 Timex’s point of view 7 Nordstrom style 8 Conclusions 8 Recommendations 9 References 11 Introduction Rolex’s website is a special place to advertise and promote its brand. However, when one has to open the site, the actual products are not the ones to be visibly observed, but the celebrity endorsers like tennis players and recently among the finest players of all time. Unlike any other brands or websites which are built for the purpose of advertisement and promotion, the website for Rolex seems to be promoting the players than its actual products. The website looks like trying to establish the credibility of the spokespersons by making it to the point of giving the visitors more knowledge about the players especially in their performance, and actual capability when they make it on court. As observed, not all of the best contemporary tennis players were chosen as spokespersons, so this creates an implication that there must something more about these fea tured celebrities on the Rolex’s website that could help establish the brand. The focus of this paper is in this particular issue while integrating the concept associated with the actual communication mix used to promote Rolex to its target audience. The proponent of this report chooses Rolex as a branded consumer product and critiques its associated communications mix used to promote to its target audience. Part of the analysis is an explanation why, in the proponent’s opinion, specific elements which are discussed below have been selected to support the brand. In addition, the proponent also draws comparisons with the strategies used by other less, or indeed more successful brands in the same category. Discussion In this section and as stated below are considerable explanations about the specific elements used to support Rolex as brand and the corresponding strategies used by Timex and Nordstrom as another leading brand. Message Sourcing and Credibility Rolex, a bran d of watch that tries to position itself as highly differentiated and creating identity and image as elegant with ultimate unswerving performance, is highly associated with sports and culture particularly in tennis. The best way to integrate this brand into sports and culture is to allow endorsements coming from celebrities. Thus, the involvement of Roger Federer and other tennis players is part of the message sourcing and credibility. What do Federer, Ivanovic, Henin, Na and other excelling tennis players bring to the brand? Based on the advertising and marketing concepts discussed in the class, Rolex’s main goal could be about establishment of credibility of its brand

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