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Content analysis Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Content analysis - Dissertation Example The systematic element means the proper procedures should be followed in selecting a data sample that provides an equal opportunity for each item of the wider content to be included in the analysis. Simultaneously, each item under consideration should be treated the same. Meanwhile, the objective description means that future researchers should be able to utilize the outcomes of the research easily in their study. Finally, the quantitative requirement means the researcher should take great care in his/her reporting to facilitate further usage of his/her analysis, interpretation and findings (Wimmer & Dominick, 1983). Content analysis is associated with the core content that, as explained by Patterson (1984), refers to what is written or said, but not to what is stated between the lines. Thus, the conceptual structure for the content analysis should incorporate the following elements: 1. Data as provided to the researcher 2. Data context 3. The knowledge of the researcher constructs h is/her perception , 4. The objective of the content analysis 5. Interpretation of the data as the prime intellectual task 6. Validity considered as the significant evaluation factor (Krippendorff, 1980). Keeping this under consideration, the structure of this investigation will serve analytical, methodological and perspective purposes. In order to acquire the perspective to support conceptualisation, it important to present the framework of the practical content analysis for the two selected leading Saudi newspapers, Alriyadh and Alyoum, during the events that occurred in Bahrain between February 14 and March 16, 2011. The framework of this study is analytical in that it aids the critical evaluation of the findings of the content analysis as acquired through the researcher’s interpretation. Furthermore, the framework of this study is also methodological, as it controls the development and the systematic improvement of the content analysis method employed in this study and dis cussed later. Consideration of the definitions, the requirements of the content analysis and the framework presented above provided an effective method of evaluating the content of Alriyadh and Alyoum, and provided reliability and validity to this study. The evidence, in accordance with the framework, for the application of the interpretation of the content analysis is provided with the help of data sampling, categories of the research and their measurement. This is discussed later in this chapter. For interpreting the inferences and tasks of the Krippendorff model accurately, it is important to consider the context of the data available. Therefore, the objective here is what the researcher wants to investigate (Krippendorff, 1980). For instance, in this study, an uncertain objective might be the political handling of the issue in Bahrain by the Saudi Arabian government, or more specifically, the relationship between the Saudi Arabian government and the Bahrain and Saudi pressâ€⠀particularly Alriyadh and Alyoum—at the time of the Bahrain protests. 1.2. Data Sampling The data sample for the content analysis of the printed press in Saudi Arabia has been extracted from the two leading daily newspapers, Alriyadh and Alyoum. These have been selected because of their large circulation and geographical dissemination. Alriyadh is distributed in the capital city of Riyadh, which is also the political hub of the

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