Friday, September 13, 2019

Social Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Social Media - Essay Example Social media in businessBusiness executives use social media in advertising, networking, and marketing via blogs. Company and products adverts on social sites to target customers who frequently use the social sites. Customers communicate with the company via these social sites in a less formal way. Users can get good business deals and ideas from their friends who are on the social networks as they interact.Many political blogs responding to mainstream news released via radios or TVs are now available in the social media. They are also using the social media to campaign for elections at the grassroots or national level. The uprising and ousting of political leaders in the northern-Africa Islamic countries were made possible by social site.Social media used in educationSocial media subscriptions can provide homework assignments, assigning reading materials thus enhancing e-learning and up-to-date information. Social media has enabled students to carry out projects beyond individual ca pabilities together.Social media in entertainmentiPhones and blackberries equally contain music and games for entertainment. Some social sites such as MySpace are entertainment oriented. TVs are also playing different genres of music for entertainment.Social media for charitable activitiesDonations to the Haiti earthquake via the social media were overwhelming. Social media is also used in delivering source news. Social media has specifically provided news to millions of people.

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