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Hybrid Vehicles Essay Example for Free

Hybrid Vehicles Essay The 21st century is considered as the time for more advance development and innovation of the human society. Prior to this era, mankind has already been busy with making ground-breaking design to significantly improve how people live their lives. However, due to changing times, these actions have resulted to some consequences that initiated changes for the better and for the worse. Some of the changes that have transpired in the past nine years since the commencement of the 21st century are the occurrence of global warming and the recently devastating global financial crisis. Evidently, these problems have been caused by humans but they are aware that these crises exist. Because of their realization, many learned as well as ordinary individuals have drafted solutions on how to mitigate the effects and even eradicate the problems at hand. In relation to the growing threat of climate change and fiscal recession, experts have devised a simple apparatus that would address these two problems. This wonder solution is the hybrid vehicle. Nowadays, it is common knowledge that global warming is mainly caused by the emission of harmful gases in the earth’s atmosphere. More so, the increase in oil prices has been one of the major factors for the decline of the US economy. Through the hybrid automobile, these alarming causes can be directly dealt with if this type of automobile will be utilized for public transportation. By doing this, the production of carbon emissions can be greatly reduced, fares would significantly decline and use of gas would be lessened thus helping millions of commuters to save money and at the same time the environment. A hybrid vehicle is a specific kind of automobile that has â€Å"two or more major sources of propulsion power. † This vehicle is usually made out of a â€Å"conventional gasoline and electric motor. † These two parts are the source of power for a hybrid which means that gas and electricity or any other renewable energy such as â€Å"hydrogen, propane, CNG and solar energy† are simultaneously used to run the vehicle. As a result, fuel â€Å"efficiency, increase in horse power, longer driving range and reduced greenhouse gas emissions† can all be accomplished by one single machine (What-is-what. com, 2007). In comparison with regular and other green cars available in the market, the hybrid vehicle is more beneficial to use. Hybrid vehicles can only accumulate an â€Å"average of 33 to 60 miles per gallon during city driving and 27 to 68 miles per gallon in highway driving. † According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these numbers are way better than the performance of other types of vehicles. This only shows that by using hybrid vehicles, users can definitely reduce their gas expenses. In a year, this type of vehicle can consume only $600 to $700 worth of gas which is lower to the average cost of $2000 annually using ordinary vehicles. Also, a hybrid is only low maintenance due to the fact that it utilizes less gas which results to less strain on the engine. Furthermore, the battery is another major part of the hybrid that supplies energy to the motor. This power source can be regularly drained and recharged but need not to worry about its durability because it was made to withstand various problems. Also, most manufacturers offer warranty just in case it wears out (Green Living Answers, 2009). In contrast with electric cars, a hybrid has smaller batteries which do not require constant charging. In addition, using electric cars can cause some drawbacks such as â€Å"availability of charging stations, lack of range, low top speed, and lack of acceleration† (Halt, 2009). Moreover, there are numerous initiatives pioneered by the government and business establishment in order to provided monetary incentives and perks to hybrid users. First, the â€Å"Federal Tax Credits for Advanced Vehicles† which entails â€Å"new tax credits for advanced vehicle technologies ranging from $250 to $3,400 depending on the vehicles level of fuel economy improvement. † Second incentive is giving out discounts for auto insurances on hybrid vehicles. Third, hotel discounts are given to users of hybrid vehicles (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2007). Given all these facts, it is apparent that hybrid vehicles can bring positive changes to the current global situation. By employing this innovation on a large scale, revolutionary transformation can immediately be seen and felt by the public. In this case, the looming threat of climate change and oil price hike can be alleviated by using Hybrid vehicles for mass transportation. References Green Living Answers. (2009). Hybrid Cars vs Regular Cars. Retrieved May 4, 2009, from http://www. greenlivinganswers. com/hybrid-vehicles/hybrid-cars-vs-regular-cars Halt, G. (2009, March 19). Electric Cars Vs Hybrids. Retrieved May 4, 2009, from http://ezinearticles. com/? Electric-Cars-Vs-Hybridsid=2120736 What-is-what. com. (2007, November 2). What is a Hybrid Vehicle? Retrieved May 4, 2009, from http://what-is-what. com/what_is/hybrid_vehicle. html Union of Concerned Scientists. (2007). State and Federal Hybrid Incentives. Retrieved May 4, 2009, from http://go. ucsusa. org/hybridcenter/incentives. cfm

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