Friday, September 27, 2019

Historic site in the New York City Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Historic site in the New York City - Essay Example His ability to make meticulous plans, even in the face of unexpected obstacles, has also helped him gain victory. Ulysses S Grant remerged when he volunteered his services for the Civil War that broke out in 1861. One of Grant’s major achievements was gaining control of the Union. He also won some major victories along the Mississippi river. This prevented trade along the Mississippi which was part of anaconda plan. He appeared as one of the greatest leaders of American History during the Civil War. Grant was considered as a very compassionate and peaceful man who believed that political equality should be given to former slaves, when he became President of the United States. He also wanted the Indians to be treated with respect and dignity. Grant wanted justice and equality for African Americans under the law which allowed Hiram Revel of Mississippi to become the first black to be elected to the US Senate. Grant also chose Ely Parker as Commissioner of Indian Affairs. One of the most important policies during his presidency was a treaty signed in 1971, which is known as the Treaty of Washington. This policy had helped resolve several disputes among Unites States, Great Britain and Canada. He wanted this treaty to show its value in resolving problems without engaging in war but through negotiation. As Americans, we should honor Ulysses S Grant, a Civil War general, who saved the nation from dissolution. He also deserves to be respected as a president who worked to bring peace and order to not only the country but also the world at

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